Subject: Faceting Academy: TUCSON SHOW REPORT (and more)


Tucson was SO wild it took me until March to catch up and pump out the report!

The report is bigger this year also because we were in the show - with an 18-day marathon stretch at the 22nd St venue.

The report is detailed, with stories about the selling market as well as the shopping, the scams, the new, the awesome - and of course, lots of photos of the facet-rough juice...


The May Faceting Academy is almost full.

Early registration discount was supposed to end on February 15. But, I've been too swamped to make the adjustment on the site. Early registration will close at midnight on Saturday, March 11.

This event features an upgraded manual, workbook, and curriculum with OVER ONE HUNDRED HOURS OF HANDS-ON INSTRUCTION - including new material in rough evaluation.

We've already got an international group - with students coming from as far as Taiwan to train with us. And, thanks to a rough-shopping binge in Tucson, I'll be handing-out even better rough than ever before.

There are only a few seats left.
Act now - before it's too late.
The Academy of Faceting Artists

The co-op of select graduates from the International Faceting Academy had a great event at the 22nd St show in Tucson (check out the report linked above). Deep gratitude and congratulations to every one of them for a show well-done.
I'm already looking forward to being back with these great artists - and the ones who will join with us next time - for an even bigger and more exciting show.
New Gem & Jewelry Photography
Courses Available

We've updated the Faceting Academy web site with THIRTEEN on-line gem and jewelry photography courses taught by professional commercial studio photographer Alex.

If you are in the gem and jewelry trade, and you want to upgrade your place in the game, upgrading your photography skills is one major way to do it.

Check out the full menu of courses, including secrets of post-processing on the main site - third item down under the "CLASSES" menu.
Andy Lucas Videos

During last September's Faceting Academy event, Saul Bell Design Award-winning jewelry artist Andy Lucas was kind enough to visit the Academy - and to make a wonderful presentation.

Andy covered everything from his creative process to design ideas and ways for faceting artists to work with artist-jewelers. This page kicks-off with a 15-minute intro and some principles. The remainder of the page holds four additional chapters, including a Q&A session that lasted more than a half-hour. All together, there's more than an hour of great information from one of my favorite jewelry artists!

Andy's talk was so good, it directly lead me to create two new designs that I would probably never have considered.
Here's your link to check it out.
Tucson 2017 Swag

If you missed the Tucson show, or missed seeing the Academy of Faceting Artists at the show, or if you just forgot to get your commemorative Tucson 2017 show swag - here's your shot at redemption.

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, you can get get your very own Academy of Faceting Artists T-shirt, Sweatshirt, or beverage mug. All the cool faceters have at least one ...
Hey - Wanna buy some Aquamarine?

Sure you do - especially from a "new contact" you just made on the Internet...

The Tucson report mentions some scams I saw there. But, in this business the scammers never rest. By the time I was home from T-town, there was a parcel of scam-rough waiting among the rest of the junk mail. This report has the details.

I hope you enjoy Faceting Academy News - and find the content useful to your overall progress, success, and enjoyment of faceting.

If there's something you want me to write about - or a question you want me to answer - just reply to any newsletter with your query and I'll answer - maybe in an article or even a video.

I hope you're all starting off a great 2017.
That's the Faceting Academy News this time.

All the best,
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