Subject: Faceting Academy: Stop stair-stepping girdles + cool tools


The newest addition to the Official Facetron Video series is "Sighting the Rifle (zeroing the cheater)" - in 3 minutes, flat.

This video shows how to calibrate the cheater using only the machine itself. Every faceter should know how to do this - and should keep their cheater zeroed.

Chapter 9a: Calibrating the Cheater
(using just the machine)

More videos will be arriving throughout the Summer and into Fall - along with ... some interesting other surprises. Stay tuned!


The September Basic Training event is almost here. STOP being frustrated with dopping, transfer, cutting CAMs, taking forever to cut a stone, struggling with polishing, etc - just grab one of the last seats available FOR A YEAR (next Basic Training is scheduled for Sept, 2016).

If you're serious about faceting,
this is your time to take action.

Check the details and videos on the page here:

Click the button to reserve your spot NOW - while there's still a seat open - and time to get your gear!


Besides the faceting instrument itself, we use lots of tools in the studio - for everything from gemstone identification, to rough evaluation, to help with dopping, etc.

There's a page on the Faceting Academy site dedicated to tools I find useful. These ARE NOT things that I sell, just things I use and recommend.

Here are a few of the things you'll find there:

  • THREE different immersion liquids, including two that are "food grade" completely non-toxic (in fact one is an ingredient I use in my pesto recipe).

  • Parts you can use to build your own vacuum chamber for bubble-free doublet assembly and oiling emeralds - for under $50.

  • A digital inclinometer that will help you align parts in your shop - and make short work of protractor calibration and cheater zero!

  • A good deal on a refractometer.

  • Recommended Corian polishing laps.

  • Polarizing film to make your own (large-size) polariscope for rough identification and sorting.

  • My favorite and most recommended loupe.

Check out these and other useful items on the page. I hope you find my recommendations save you time - and the tools and supplies add to your productivity and enjoyment!

Stay tuned for more free designs, training videos, and other news!

John Bailey,
Founder, Faceting Academy

John Bailey, 1010 Main St, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601, United States
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