Subject: Faceting Academy: SPRING 2019


Registration for the May, 2019 Faceting Academy Training Event is closing on April 17.

We have not scheduled the next Academy Training event. So, if you are serious about launching your faceting skills, take action NOW.

I'm excited to announce that New Era Gems will be BACK IN THE HOUSE during the rough evaluation portion of the May, 2019 Faceting Academy training event.

Steve Ulatowski will be in the room, facilitating this very special opportunity to train with and purchase top-quality rough.

Steve is an official sponsor of the International Faceting Academy - and will share stories about his globe-spanning search for quality rough, about the current state of the global market at the source level, and even some of his own personal expertise in rough evaluation.

Steve will remain in Klamath Falls for an extra day (Saturday, May 25th) to offer a unique and wonderful opportunity that will be like a mini-Tucson.

One of the top rough dealers IN THE WORLD is holding a private hotel-room show that you'll only hear about in this newsletter. If you can possibly make it to Klamath Falls for May 25th, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

For details - and to make a personal appointment for the private show,
contact New Era Gems directly.

Registration for the June, 2019 REPAIR & RECUTTING CLASS is closing on April 17.

Repair work is one of the best ways to get acquainted with your local jewelers and to solidly launch your faceting gig. Doing this work efficiently and safely is the difference between profitability and professional embarrassment.

Badly-cut gems are an increasingly important path to affordable quality material for the faceting artist. Understanding the pitfalls as well as the ways to maximize economic return on primitive-cut stones is the difference between enjoyable profitability and frustrating loss.

We don't offer this course every season, so grab one of the remaining seats while they're available.

Details of the course are here. Or, just click to reserve your seat!

TUCSON, 2019

The Tucson show was as much fun as ever this year.

I got to speak at USFG at the OPLC, and even had the honor of briefly sharing the floor with Scott Sucher.

The market was busy, and I found worthy material from Brazil as well as various African locations - including this 29-carat Chrome Tourmaline point:
Students in the May, 2019 Academy training event will be cutting some fresh garnet and some Montana Sapphire I scored for them:

as well as some very sweet Amethyst donated to their group by my longtime friend and official Faceting Academy sponsor, Farooq Hashmi of Intimate Gems


Hi John. I'm thinking about buying a 64 index gear. Do you think it's a good idea?

Thanks, Norm


Thanks for the e-mail, Norm.

I think the real question is which symmetries a faceter wants to cut. And, then buy the gears that support them. I'd recommend shopping through on-line designs and Datavue, and focusing on the symmetries rather than the index gears because many designs can be translated to different gears. For instance, how many ways can you factor an 80-tooth gear versus a 64 - or a 120?

If you want to see your question answered here - or on the blog - or maybe even in a custom video -  just ask. There may be a reward for questions that I make into a video...

This is happening SOON  ----------------------> 

We're wrapping up shooting on the Official Ultra Tec Videos page - similar to our popular Facetron videos page.

It's your last chance to ask questions that will end up in the video series about the Ultra Tec V5 Digital. 

What about operating it?

What about maintaining it?

What do you not quite understand?

What do you have the most difficulty with?

What would you like to do better, faster, or easier?

We're wrapping up shooting soon. Reply to this e-mail to submit your questions NOW!
ECED Sequencing Video

Someone recently asked about sequencing a design by Long & Steele called the Super Emerald. It's a quasi-radiant design that lends itself to ECED strategy.

Some questions then arose about ECED and I decided that design would make a good "trainer" for learning how the strategy works. I tweaked the design a bit and have just released video on how ECED works and how to sequence this design in particular.

You can find the page with the tweaked design download and the instructional video here.

Faceting Diagrams for Engraving Artists

I've recently taken-up hand engraving, and learned that one of the keys is having well-shaped gravers. The little power-hones sold specifically for shaping gravers are like small, under-powered faceting machines.

For those other artists who are both engraving artists and faceting artists, I'm sharing the diagrams I created
As always, I hope you enjoy Faceting Academy News - and that you get from it information useful beyond mere faceting technical data.

If there's something you want me to write about - or a question you want me to answer - just reply to any newsletter with your query and I'll answer - maybe in an article or even a video.

I hope you're all having a great 2018. I'm excited about meeting some of you in person this year!
That's the Faceting Academy News this time.
All the best,
John Bailey, Faceting Academy
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