Subject: Faceting Academy: New Design & Tutorial


"Instead of just thinking about it, why not do something about it?" - Jack Ma

Leap-day only comes around every four years. It's added to the calendar because WE'VE GOT EXTRA TIME in our lives, and it's so big that we have to ADJUST OUR MEASURE OF THAT ABUNDANCE - by adding a full day to our year.

While many people are talking about being afraid, and choosing to hesitate, guys like Jack Ma are taking action - and other icons of success like Gary Veynerchuk are saying "execution is everything" - that this is a time of unprecedented opportunity to get into action.

Whatever you've been thinking about doing, especially in the realm of creation or building a business, I hope you embrace today - this leap-day - as an icon of having more than you realize and making the choice to LEAP into some kind of action to realizing your dreams rather than just dreaming them.

May the rest of your leap year bear the fruits of your commitment and action!


We've been working on this for a couple of months, and can finally announce that Faceting Academy will conduct a Basic Training event in Edinburgh, Scotland in June of 2016.

EVENT DETAILS AND REGISTRATION ARE HERE for the event to be held June 5-13.

The exact schedule is posted on the Academy Events page.

Our venue will be very near the University of Edinburgh campus - with details of exact location and suggested accommodations becoming available next week.

If you are ready to take the brakes off your faceting - and to do that in the beautiful and accessible city of Edinburgh during the prettiest time of year.


There are only a few seats in this special event. Make sure you are in one of them.


A few weeks ago, an intermediate-level faceter friend of mine asked for a Portuguese-style design in an L/W of about 1.4 - for low-RI material.

The design is fast and easy to cut using a CAM strategy, and he used it to produce this beautiful yellow Oregon Opal. (Faceting and photo courtesy Robert Townsend).

Afterwards, I optimized the design for more common materials, and we're releasing both designs with this newsletter - as well as the linked video about the design and how to sequence it.

If you send some good photographs of your gems in the design I may feature them in upcoming newsletters or on the site.

If you encounter special design needs (or wants) contact me through the web site. You never know when the idea will motivate me to create one for you - and an instructional video to help you cut it.

I hope you enjoy "Roberts Rush". Here's the link.


International purveyor of rough gems and Faceting Academy graduate-mentor Ron Skog has encountered Peridot a- plenty from the San Carlos reservation locality.
A range of sizes and qualities is obviously involved, and I think Faceting Academy students at our 2016 events will be seeing some of this in the rough evaluation part of the course as well as on their dops!

In the meantime, and for those who aren't attending Academy events this year, you can inquire about this material by contacting Ron directly at this link.


One of the biggest challenges for the colored gem artist is pricing: Too high and your art won't sell; too low and you're losing money.
Because color comprises 60% or more of the value in a colored gem, this makes color grading one of the most critical parts of pricing - and the Achilles heel of many faceting artists.

This is why I've been using GemEprice™ for a few years. It makes color grading and pricing much easier, and I believe it has contributed to my "right-pricing" of goods to improve sales while making sure I'm not leaving money on the table.

At the Tucson show this year, I met personally with GemEwizard CEO Menahem Sevdermish and VP Gemological Services Guy Borenstein.

These guys are very serious about the quality and integrity of their product, and about their contribution to the industry. I think their work is revolutionizing our ability to communicate color accurately, explicitly, and efficiently. And, I use their system heavily in shopping rough, and estimating prices and margins.

Within a short time, we will have an interface set up to process orders for GemEprice. And, both graduates and enrolled students of the Faceting Academy will enjoy a subscription discount to this important professional resource.

Watch this space for a direct link to your enrollment page.
That's the Faceting Academy News this time.

Stay tuned for more information on the Edinburgh event, GemEprice - and more designs and videos coming very soon!

All the best,
John Bailey, Faceting Academy
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