Subject: Faceting Academy: NEW design, NEW video, NEW EVENT


Last time, we were saying farewell to our friend Mark Stephan. This time, we're sharing another one of the custom designs I created for him.

The design is called "Stephan's Shield" and is actually named for TWO comrades in faceting arms...

Get your free copy of the design here (both PDF and GEM files) - and check-out the free video on how to cut it. There's some CAM how-to in it...

Registration for the September Faceting Academy event is about to close.

Some things have put me WAY behind schedule on my work, and unless I catch up MASSIVELY this Winter, I'm not going to hold a Spring event.

We have an updated manual, with lots of new content that proved in the May class to accelerate learning and success.

This is your LAST CHANCE THIS YEAR. And - fair warning - it may be your last chance FOR A YEAR.

Come join us for what is shaping-up to be a very special resident training event!
Four Truths About Polishing

The majority of questions I get are about polishing.

It makes sense, because that's where the majority of faceters have the majority of their problems!

I just posted a blog article with four important truths about this - and some food for thought about what you can do to reduce the pain of polishing.


Taking time-off from faceting is like taking time-off from any specialized skill that involves risking loss during the activity.

Coming back after time away from the lap can be a challenge. And, we often have the itch to “do something cool”.

However, diving back into the deep end of the pool isn’t really the best way to get your feet back under you - in any endeavor.

When I’ve been away from paragliding for a while, I don’t get back into the swing by diving off the top of the mountain into 1,000-feet-per-minute midday thermals!

I don’t return to faceting after a break by doing something with a large potential loss, either (to the wallet or th ego). When you’re coming back, don’t immediately do anything really big, expensive, or complicated.

Do something small and straightforward in a lower or medium-grade of material. Get your fingers and your posture and your routine tuned-back up that way - just like any returning athlete.

I'm sorry for the short newsletter - and the period of silence.

There's more coming - I promise...

I hope you enjoy Faceting Academy News - and find the content useful to your overall progress, success, and enjoyment of faceting.

If there's something you want me to write about - or a question you want me to answer - just reply to any newsletter with your query and I'll answer - maybe in an article or even a video.

I hope you're all having a great 2017, and I'm excited about meeting some of you in person before the year is out!
That's the Faceting Academy News this time.

All the best,
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