Subject: Congratulations, Upgrades, New Design


Meet the graduating class of the May, 2015 BASIC TRAINING event. (There are actually a couple of return graduates and some advanced students hiding in this photo, too.) Thanks to our new Mentoring program, you will likely meet some of these people in the room!

If you've been wondering why it's been a bit quiet since the May event, it's because I've been busy aggressively upgrading the course. We did some new stuff in the May event, tweaking the schedule, content, presentations, and resources. I was already on the verge of a major upgrade, and what we learned in that event pushed me over the top!

Since the last student left on May 11, I've been making notes, deals, arrangements - and more notes. 

September is going to see a very significant upgrade in the Basic event!

  • We've greatly updated the "skills checklist", and will be working directly to this checklist through the program.
  • To help achieve that, we've added an additional half-day of time in the room - now at 70+ hours of training time.
  • We've upgraded the project-based learning to six specific gem-cutting projects, including natural sapphire and multiple "precision challenge" projects to bring those dopping and planning skills to razor sharpness.
  • There's a new machine-centric project that will have everyone cutting more comfortably and accurately, while also increasing familiarity with all their laps.
  • Applied Symmetry™ has become more formalized and integrated, with students now cutting their first several designs more quickly and easily than ever, and comprehension of designs and symmetry really growing.
  • Rough evaluation and geometry will be taught in segments - as they immediately apply to the cutting project on-deck.
  • We're integrating more A/V technology, and the manual is undergoing massive upgrade, with loads of graphics for troubleshooting and orientation, etc.
  • We've created a mentoring program, with returning Academy Graduates increasing the amount of one-on-one assistance as well as the depth and breadth of perspective on faceting, machines, and tools.
  • We're bringing rough dealers into the room to increase exposure to a wide variety of rough and the kind of rough-sales interaction to expect at Tucson and other shows. It also allows students to acquire even more and varied rough to take home with them.
  • To accompany all this, we've upgraded the "Needed Gear" list, actually removing some of the minutia that may be aggravating for some students to try to travel with - to make getting here and into action easier.

This is the stuff I've been doing in the past couple of weeks - and that I'm going to be aggressively pursuing until September. If you want to get in on the newest training methods and opportunities, September would be a good time.

The first couple of people to sign up are from outside the USA. So, it's going to be another really exciting international group.
There's at least one additional rough dealer already among the new students, so that's going to add to the energy as well.

There are three reasons to act now if you're serious about faceting:

Reason #1: Before the end of May four of the ten seats in the room were already taken. There are only six seats left.

Reason #2: Given the upgrades and additional costs, we would have raised the price if people weren't already signed up for September. So, after September, the price has to go up.

Reason #3: Due to pressure of requests for an Intermediate-level Resident Training, there will probably be only ONE Basic-level training next year - to allow time for the other event.

If you are ready to take the brakes off your faceting - and to do that in a room with a limited number of motivated and interesting fellow faceters from around the world - grab your seat now.
To join this fun, intense, training - with great people from around the country and around the world - Go to the Academy enrollment page NOW and reserve one of the few seats left!
I'm looking forward to seeing you here!

Because I've been so focused on training, my design work has been focused on fast, easy-to-cut pieces that use specific design elements. 

I created this design last week as a fast easy introduction to checkerboard patterns - only three rows of facets create 24 crown facets. The design has a shallow reflector-style pavilion, optimized for 1.72 RI, making it specifically useful for dark garnet - something newer faceters often get stuck with.

At present, I'm only releasing this design to members of this newsletter. I hope you enjoy cutting it!

Stay tuned for more free designs, training videos, and other news!


Stay tuned to the Official Facetron Videos page - and our YouTube channel. More videos will be arriving throughout the Spring and into the Summer - along with ... some interesting other surprises. Stay tuned!

John Bailey,
Founder, Faceting Academy
John Bailey, 1010 Main St, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601, United States
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