Subject: Introducing the all new F5Weather

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Introducing the all new F5Weather!
We are excited to finally announce that our weather forecast model viewing sites and have merged, and are now a completely redesigned!

Don't confuse F5Weather with F5Data (old Windows Software). F5Weather is a completely new web-based weather model mapping site redesigned from the ground-up that was released earlier this month.

This new site features a plethora of new features and models, but also is much more user-friendly. It finally has a usable mobile version of the site for phone browsers.

We also now offer free maps for some of the more common models & maps in the U.S. No login is required!
Many new features added:
  • Values printed on major city locations
  • Ex: Know the exact temp in Las Vegas
  • Values shown at mouse position
  • Ex:  Show exact value at your location
  • Archived runs for all models
  • Data tables for multiple models
  • MetOffice's Unified Model (UKMET)
  • Australian ACCESS-G
  • Draw/edit the image & download it
Mobile Friendly
Now with a mobile page thats easy to navigate. Scrub and zoom through all the maps that are available on the PC version of the site.
Data Tables
Finally, we have data tables for more models. Now you can view tabular data for specific US locations from several models.
Skew-T Soundings
Skew-T Soundings are now available from most models. Click anywhere on the map to generate a sounding for that location.
Ready for Winter
13 models are now accessible. We're still the leading provider of the European ECMWF HRES model, and now we have just added two new premium models that are hard to find: The British Unified Model (UKMET) and the Australian ACCESS-G. Both are highly skilled models that need to be considered before making any forecast.
And all of our models provide our proprietary (and very popular) way of making snowfall maps with our own precipitation type identification and dynamic ratio calculations.

We've taken our snowfall calculations to a new level. Now we're generating 'live' snow accumulation maps from radar data. Utilizing Canadian & US radar sites, and augmenting it with upper air data from HRRR analysis, we are able to calculate snowfall totals as they happen. Now you will know snow totals even when there are no reports coming in!

Other Features:
  • Ensemble Means
  • Model Output Statistics (MOS)
  • Global Coverage for select models
  • Proprietary maps:
  • (severe, tornado, lightning, snow, ice, ptype, freezing lines, travel, windows, etc.)
We also provide our own custom forecast now! It's a work in progress, but it's promising.
Limited Time Re-launch Discount

For a limited time we're providing a deep discount to celebrate our site re-launch. Try F5Weather again today and use promo code 'WX10' to get up to 20% off. Or you can just click the link below to automatically apply the discount while you browse the new site.
Thanks for reading!

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