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Legends of America Newsletter - February 2017
Deb Weiser, Dave & Kathy Weiser-Alexander
That's Kathy's sister Deb on the left, who flew down from Texas to spend some time with us in Florida during our winter trip. Kathy would probably want me to point out that her head really isn't that big, but you know camera angles and all that. 

We had a great time while Deb was there, although her trip timed out to be during the coldest part of our stay in Crescent City. Spent some bonus time in St. Augustine giving her a brief tour of our own, since by that time we had been on the guided tour at least twice. 
While she was there we had to try out Florida's oldest diner, Angel's Diner in Palatka, which has serving up goodness since 1932. We chose a 'grey day' of Deb's stay for that one, before getting some sun in St. Augustine and Flagler Beach, although it was still cool.

Of course it warmed back up the day Deb flew back to Texas, which is par for the course for this winter trip. Mother nature just wouldn't leave us alone, from the bitter cold and rain we wrote about last time, to a massive tornado outbreak that sent Kathy and I down to the RV Parks community building. This was the same RV Park that suffered a fatality during last fall's hurricane, when a resident refused to leave her dog alone in the trailer. Tragically a tree fell on their RV, and we didn't want to tempt fate by making the same decision, so we packed up our own furry children and took shelter. For what it is worth, despite the tragedy last fall, we were told the dog survived. Thankfully, we also missed all the severe parts of last month's storm.

After Deb departed for home, we decided we were done as well. Had planned to make it a longer journey, but this was one of those trips where we were ready for home sooner than expected. St. Augustine was a great way to wrap up our tour of history, so we readjusted our map and headed for Missouri by way of a brief stay outside Atlanta at Kathy's cousin Genny's place. Tony and Genny kept us warm and entertained Super Bowl weekend, although I was thankful we decided to leave on Saturday. I'm sure the mood there Sunday night changed a bit (#nottheirsuperbowlchampions).
This trip left a smile on our face and satisfaction in our hearts, and I'm sure we'll be writing more about what we learned in future stories. But we have plenty to share now as you will see below. From Ripley's original Believe It or Not! Odditorium, to the historic St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, we found more than just Spanish fortresses in America's oldest city, and would highly recommend putting this part of Florida on your to do list.  

For now it's back to our home on the Lake of the Ozarks, staring longingly out at the dock waiting for Spring to arrive. I hear the groundhog saw his shadow. If you ask me, it's time for some groundhog stew. 

Dave "watchin' for gators" Alexander
Wrapping up our Journey to America's Oldest City

In our last newsletter we had finally landed in Crescent City, Florida, near our primary destination of St. Augustine.  This will go down as 'one' of our all time favorites. 
A Walk Through Our Nations Oldest City - St. Augustine (Photo Blog) - Florida's foundations are apparent in this city established over 400 years ago. Our primary destination of our 2017 tour of history, this historic destination provided one heck of an adventure. 

Includes links to new stories, updates & more:

Additional related reading: 

The Elusive Fountain of Youth - Explorers and adventurers have long looked for the elusive Fountain of Youth and some say Juan Ponce de Leon found it in Florida.

Maritime History of Florida - A long and flat peninsula surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida has a long and rich maritime history.

If you missed our last newsletter, be sure to visit our Photo Blog for the entire adventure along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida HERE.
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The Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus - Founded in Baraboo, Wisconsin, the Ringling Brothers Circus was established by five of the seven Ringling Brothers in 1882. A look at the once kings of entertainment as they pass into history.

Anne Bonny - Lady Pirate - Arrrr...Kathy's still on her Pirate kick.  This famous lady pirate known for her violent temper and ferocious fighting, operated in the Caribbean, along with the likes of 'Calico Jack' Rackham and fellow lady pirate, Mary Read.
William Henry Harrison - The Hero of Tippecanoe - William Henry Harrison gave up the study of medicine to fight the Indians and became the Hero of Tippecanoe and later the President, although his term was the shortest in American History. (By I.N. McFee 1913)

Robert Fulton & the Steamboat - Robert Fulton was an American engineer and inventor who is widely credited with developing a commercially successful steamboat called the Claremont. (By I.N. McFee 1913)
Did You Know?

There are strong arguments to be made that legendary lawman Bass Reeves is the inspiration for the classic radio, and later television series, "The Lone Ranger".  Like the Lone Ranger, Reeves rode with a Native American, on a white horse, and was a master of disguises. However, there's one big difference - Bass Reeves was a black man, born as a slave. 
Old Time Cures and Remedies 

These old time remedies, collected from a variety of sources, may have really been used by old timers, or may have just been myth and legends.

Appendicitis - Tie a leather thong around your waist and the appendicitis will enter the thong. Take the thong and tie it around a tree and the sickness will enter the tree.

Beard Growing - The Liquid obtained from boiling old boots was used to promote the growth of hair on the face of young men—an attempt to appear more masculine.

To remove freckles or skin spots — take a small flatfish fresh from the sea and hold it firmly against the skin until the fish dies. This will also cure the whooping cough.

Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway
Nestled in the hills and valleys of central New Mexico is one of the state’s most interesting and scenic drives – the Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway. This often forgotten road is filled with history, scenic views, ghost towns, a National Forest, a ski resort, art galleries, shops, museums, and more.

Linking New Mexico's two most major cities – Santa Fe and Albuquerque, the 65 mile national scenic byway is often called the back road between the two cities. Named for the rich turquoise deposits found near its northern end, the Turquoise Trail was used for centuries by Native Americans and Spanish explorers before miners began to flood the area in the late 1800’s in search of the hills’ many rich minerals. The beautiful blue-green turquoise was first mined by the early Pueblo people as early as 900 A.D. Though this hilly highway has seen much recent growth, it still maintains a historic view of the Old West, along with its galleries, restaurants, and museums.

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