Subject: Legends of America Newsletter - October 2021

From a scenic drive to a ghostly tale, a West Virginia ghost town to some really big stuff, all in our latest newsletter.

Legends of America Newsletter - October 2021

In this newsletter:

  • On the road - Our Fall 21 adventure so far

  • Little cannibals of the plains

  • Fall color on Scenic 7 Byway

  • a ghostly tale from 1892

and much more!

We're On the Road for a Fall Adventure in the East

We departed Missouri earlier this month and learned about Big Things in Illinois, and Coal in West Virginia. And we're still on the road! Let's Go Adventure with our latest Travel Blogs.

Did you know Vandalia, Illinois, is home to the state's oldest existing capitol building, yet it was not the state's first capital? And what is it with all this BIG stuff in Casey?

Finding our Lumps in West Virginia

Exploring mining towns of West Virginia, we discovered just how hard a life it is to be a coal miner. We also found a really long arch bridge.

There is more to come as we continue our trek into Virginia, and then South into North Carolina. Keep an eye out for new entries on our Travel Blog.

Let's Go 66!

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What's New on LOA

Here are some of the recent additions since our last newsletter

Monster Crash At Crush – There once was a town in Texas that existed only for a day, and exclusively for one event. To purposely crash two locomotives head-on.

Ponca Tribe – The Ponca are a Siouan tribe of Nebraska, who were closely related to the Omaha, Osage, Kanza, and Quapaw.

Fort Leavenworth-Fort Gibson Military Road – The Fort Leavenworth-Fort Gibson Military Road was created in 1837 and designated as the “permanent Indian Frontier” borderline.

From our recent journeys...

Thurmond, West Virginia – Most Thurmond property is owned by the National Park today. The entire town is a designated historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. Thurmond is the least-populous municipality in West Virginia.

Chillicothe, Ohio – Chillicothe, Ohio, the county seat of Ross County was the first territorial capital and the first and third state capital of Ohio.

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Did You Know?

Among the most dreaded figures in the lore of the Plains Indians were child-sized dwarves that were incredibly strong, very aggressive, bloodthirsty, and often attacked in large numbers. Read about the Native legend of Teihiihan – The Little Cannibals of the Plains.

Arkansas' Scenic 7

Named by many as one of the ten most beautiful drives in all of the USA, the Scenic 7 Byway passes through Arkansas’ varied geographical regions with views of coastal plains, rolling hills, dense pine forests, and mountain ranges. The entire route passing from north to south through central Arkansas was designated as the state’s first scenic byway. Let’s explore some fall colors… travel Arkansas’ Scenic 7 Byway.

From Legends' General Store

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Phantom Engine

The Seattle Press-Times tells the ghostly tale of Tom Cypher's Phantom Engine in this Railroad story published in 1892. Take a seat for the ghostly tale about "Tom Cypher’s Phantom Engine".

November is Native American Heritage Month!

Make sure to visit our website during November for Native American Heritage Month, as we celebrate great leaders and more. Like this story by Charles A. Eastman, in 1918, in which he writes about Spotted Tail, "He possessed a remarkable mind and extraordinary foresight for an untutored savage; and yet he is the only one of our great men to be remembered with more honor by the white man, perhaps, than by his own people." Read "Spotted Tail – Warrior, Chief & Negotiator".

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As you head west out of Tucumcari on old Route 66, along this stretch onwards to Santa Rosa are several old ghost towns on both sides of the highway including Montoya, Newkirk, and Cuervo.

Load up and ride to Ghost Towns West of Tucumcari, New Mexico

The tribe spanned across the open lands of the northwest, primarily in Idaho and Northern Washington, but traveled as far as the Great Plains during the hunting season.

Learn about the Nez Perce – A Hard Fight For Their Homeland

Born October 2, 1841, and imposing the law with his six-shooter and a sawed-off shotgun, Slaughter cleaned up Arizona Territory more than any other single individual.

Meet Texas John Slaughter – Taming Arizona

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Thank you for the great article and pictures of Bent's Fort. My great great grandfather was a trader and frequented the fort as his wife was a sister to George Bent's wife, Magpie... I always enjoy visiting the fort as I can see what my family saw when they were there. . .I love your site. - Ruby (ref: Bent's Fort National Historic Site, Colorado)

Legends of America is the greatest website on the old west. Just the right balance of photos and text. Many interesting stories with easy links. Everyone contributing to the site is to be commended! - Alan, Newsletter Reader

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