Subject: Legends of America Newsletter - May/June 2024

The Engineers Frontier, Custer's Last Stand, Adventure in Keweenaw Copper, The Legend of our Nation's First Flag, And more!

Legends of America Newsletter - May/June 2024

In this newsletter:

  • The Engineers Frontier

  • Custer's Last Stand

  • Adventure in Keweenaw Copper

  • The Legend of our Nation's First Flag

And more!

Latest from our world

In 2016, Kathy and I loaded up and headed north to Minnesota, where we enjoyed several stops managed by the Minnesota Historical Society.

One of those sites is Mill City Museum in downtown Minneapolis. Housed in the Washburn A Mill ruins, the museum chronicles the storied past of what once made Minneapolis the Flour Milling Capital of the World.

In the meantime, back in 2024, Kathy and I became obsessed with home lighting.

Obsession with lights

We've gone a little overboard this Spring from laser lights on the trees to solar motion lights. That's what happens when we spend winter off the road at home—too much time thinking about what we can play with around the house.

I know we won't be home much longer, as Kathy had her map out yesterday, plotting and scheming.

Until then, enjoy our latest newsletter, and thank you for being a reader!

Dave "Light Boy" Alexander

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What's New on LOA

Here are some of the recent additions since our last newsletter

Meridian Highway - The Meridian Road was organized by a group of boosters from Kansas and Nebraska to promote a north-south automobile route through the central United States.

The Great Medicine Road of the Whites - White Migration on The Overland, The Mormon, Emigrant Road, The Salt Lake Route, and California Trail was known to Natives as The Great Medicine Road.

The Engineers' Frontier - Railway speculation was boiling over in the West, so the group of men advocating a railway to connect the oceans was but a product of their time.

The Peace Commission & the Struggle of the Great Plains - With partisan feuds over how to handle Indian troubles, Congress created the Peace Commission in 1867 to deal with the tribes diplomatically.

From the Golden Age to Today’s Modern Marvels: The History of America’s Sports Cars - (submitted by Jackie Edwards) From the Golden Age to the high-tech features of today, the history of sports cars in America boasts a variety of unique and innovative examples.

Notable and Historic US Military Bases - (submitted by Jackie Edwards) There are now between 450 and 500 military bases located throughout all 50 states in the US, however some, like Pearl Harbour, are more notable for the significant part they played in history.

Kingman, Kansas - (Legends of Kansas) As early as 1872, a party from Hutchinson, Kansas, organized a town company and located a town called Sherman on what is now the townsite of Kingman, now the county seat.

Drury, Kansas & Drury Dam Waterfall - (Legends of Kansas) Once known as the “Playground of Kansas & Oklahoma,” Drury got its start when the Drury dam and mill was built in 1883. 

Concordia, Kansas - (Legends of Kansas) Concordia was elected the county seat before the town was created. The founder, James M. Hagaman, created a complete town layout on paper. It was named “Concordia” because a member of the early group of promoters, “Cap” Snyder, had once lived in Concordia, Missouri, and had paid homage to the German heritage.

We've added 16 new articles since our last newsletter...

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Did You Know?

As we approach Flag Day, June 14, commemorating the date in 1777 that our Flag was officially adopted, the legend that became Betsy Ross began decades later in Pennsylvania; the story of her sewing the first U.S. Flag stitched into American lore.

Keweenaw National Historical Park

Upper Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula was the site of one of the world’s most abundant deposits of pure, elemental copper. In the 19th century, Americans and immigrants flocked here to fulfill the American Dream and developed a complex system of mining, processing, smelting, and transporting copper, which stimulated America’s Industrial Revolution.

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Totem Stones and Symbol Arrowheads

Symbol Arrowheads

Each of these hand-chipped stone arrowheads is inscribed with Native American symbols. Arrow maker and artist Jose Zamora, a member of the Apache tribe, living in Colorado, uses a quill pen and India ink to add the symbols, which signify various strengths such as health, balance, luck, friendship, strength, protection and more. Each arrowhead comes with a story card identifying a number of symbols.

Totem Worry Stones

Nature's spirit stones are created by carving a variety of animal totem images and selected symbols into gemstones to unite the healing properties of the stones with the inherent power of these symbols. Makes a great addition to your Medicine Bag!

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Battle of Little Bighorn

The most famous of the Indian Wars, the remarkable victory for the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne, occurred over two days on June 25-26, 1876, near the Little Bighorn River in eastern Montana Territory. The U.S. cavalry detachment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, lost every soldier in his unit. It was Custer's Last Stand.

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In case you missed it, here are some of the articles that have been popular on our Facebook Fan Pages recently.

A ghost of its former self, Silverton, Colorado, a former silver mining camp, is called home to about 630 people. The town’s rich history and stunning natural beauty draw thousands of visitors and tourists to the area each year.

[Photo: Silverton, Colorado, 1900. Touch of color by LOA. ]

A principal Navajo war chief, Manuelito, was born near Bears Ears Peak in southeastern Utah in about 1818. He was a member of the Bít’aa’níí or ″Folded Arms People Clan″ and his father, Cayetano, was a recognized leader known for his resistance to foreign invasion. His name means Little Manuel in Spanish, and non-Navajo nicknamed him “Bullet Hole.”

[Photo: Manuelito and his wife in New Mexico, 1881. Touch of color by LOA]

Born May 6, 1816, Richens Lacy Wootton was an American frontiersman, mountain man, trapper, and guide. His 27-mile toll road over Raton Pass in New Mexico improved the Santa Fe Trail travel.

When the Railroad came in 1870, the grade at Monument Station was too steep, so the siding was placed two and a half miles east. John B. Ennis platted a town called Ennis City at the site. When a post office opened May 19, 1880, it was called Monument.

[photo: An old cafe in Monument, Kansas by Kathy Alexander.]

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