Subject: Legends of America Newsletter - April 2023

What happened to Dairy Boy?, Black Sunday, Death Valley, an understated President and much more!

Legends of America Newsletter - April 2023

In this newsletter:

  • What happened to Dairy Boy?

  • Black Sunday

  • Death Valley

  • an understated President

and much more!

Latest from our world

For Americans born in the '40s and '50s, the world experienced enormous changes in their lifetimes. Some of these changes resulted from a sweeping technological revolution. New machines for use in farming, the vast expansion of production of goods by machines, and mechanization replacing highly skilled craftspeople.

Sounds like the beginning of a story about Boomers born in the mid-1900s, but it's not. This is a description of life in the 1800s. A time of great progress and upheaval. Improving lives while turning some upside down. And while we may look back at these times as primitive, for some of us looking to the future in 2023, we feel a lot of the same anxiety.

Artificial Intelligence makes it clear things are about to 'revolutionize' yet again. I opened up one of these new A.I. chatbots to try it out. I told the bot to write a one-paragraph story about travel through the Midwest. After 3 seconds, this was its reply:

"As the sun rose over the Great Plains, Sarah packed her bags and set out on a road trip through the Midwest. She passed through small towns with charming main streets and friendly locals, and marveled at the vast stretches of farmland that seemed to go on forever. Along the way, she stopped at roadside diners for hearty breakfasts and sampled local delicacies like corn on the cob and deep-dish pizza. As she drove further west, the landscape began to change, with rolling hills and towering mountains coming into view. Sarah felt a sense of adventure and freedom as she explored the heartland of America, and she knew that this journey would stay with her for years to come."

It appears technology is out to replace the 'author.' But while it sounds personal, writing about Sarah's adventure, it's downright generic stereotyping. It gives the reader the picture of a flat midwest full of corn-eating breakfast diners with farmland for miles, until suddenly, out of nowhere, rolling hills and towering mountains. Anyone traveling through east Kansas can tell you about rolling hills before the farmland and way before the towering mountains. And how many small-town diners outside of Chicago have you been to that serve deep-dish pizza?

Simply put, the new intelligence is most definitely artificial. While computers rely on speed to sift through information and spit out a response, nothing can replace the human experience of packing a car, hitting the road on a grand adventure, and then telling the story to your friends.

At least not yet.

Dave 'still 100% human' Alexander.

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Dairy Boy Drive-Ins in Oklahoma - The Dairy Boy Drive-In chain was founded in 1957 by businessmen Harry Atlee and Leonard Hansen, who owned the Hansen-Atlee Dairy in Oklahoma City.

Bidwell-Bartleson Party - Blazing the California Trail - The Bidwell-Bartleson Party, led by Captain John Bartleson and John Bidwell, became the first American emigrants to attempt a wagon crossing from Missouri to California.

Oklahoma Santa Fe Trail Sites - The smallest portion of the Santa Fe Trail was in Oklahoma. Of the two major trail branches, only the Cimarron Route crossed into the state through the western portion of the Oklahoma panhandle in modern Cimarron County.

Miwok Indians of Northern California - The Miwok people are members of four linguistically related Native American groups indigenous to Northern California.

Maidu Indians of Northern California - The Maidu are a Native American people of northern California. Known as the Maiduan, they have inhabited the land for thousands of years.

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California - The birthplace of Orange County, it was founded over 240 years ago by Spanish colonists as the seventh of 21 Catholic missions in California.

Calvin Coolidge - 30th President - The United States 30th President was a man of few words but bold actions.

Martin Van Buren - Eighth President- Martin Van Buren was an attorney, statesman, and eighth President of the United States after serving as Andrew Jackson's Secretary of State and Vice President.

Great Lakes of North America - These five lakes and the St. Lawrence River contain 20% of the world's freshwater and form the world's most extensive surface freshwater system.

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Did You Know?

A massive dust storm, dubbed “Black Sunday”, struck the nation on April 14, 1935. Famed American singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie lived in Pampa, Texas, at the time, and when the storm rolled in, many in the Texas Panhandle thought it was the end of the world. It inspired Guthrie to write the iconic song “So Long, It’s Been Good to Know Yuh,” considered one of Guthrie’s best and now included in the Library of Congress.

The Donner Party

On April 16, 1846, nine covered wagons left Springfield, Illinois on the 2,500-mile journey to California, in what would become one of the greatest tragedies in the history of westward migration.

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A land of extremes, Death Valley, is one of the hottest, driest, and lowest places on earth. The valley is aptly named, with summer temperatures averaging well over 100 degrees and a long history of human suffering in the vast desert. However, this place of eroded badlands, sand dunes, and golden hills also has a haunting sense of beauty.

From Mining history and ghost towns, to desert legends..

The Deadliest Attack on a School in U.S. History

In May of 1927, America was shocked and horrified by the deaths and injuries of dozens of children and adults in the Bath School disaster. Also known as the Bath School Massacre, as of today, it remains the deadliest attack on a school in U.S. History.

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In the Cerbat Mountains north of Kingman, AZ, several towns sprang up in the 1860s as prospectors headed to the hills. These camps were extremely isolated, and the trip was often fraught with danger.

The Miwok are members of four linguistically related Native groups in Northern California. Also spelled Miwuk, Mi-Wuk, or Me-Wuk, they traditionally spoke one of the Miwok languages in the Utian family.

Clyde Chestnut Barrow was born on March 24, 1909. He's best known for teaming up with Bonnie Parker as criminals who captured the attention of the public between 1931 and 1935.

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