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Legends of America Newsletter - June 2019
We've seen a resurgence of interest in all things Deadwood this month after HBO's release of the much anticipated Deadwood Movie, a followup to their Deadwood series a little over a decade ago. When the series aired, Kathy was a huge fan and wrote an entire article about the Facts versus the Fiction of the portrayal. We haven't seen the movie yet. If you have, let us know what you think of it. 

As you'll see in the latest additions to our website, Kathy's been on another kick to go through photos and find things we should have written about but hadn't yet. She found some great memories from a trip to California back in 2009. I'll be honest, some of these I had completely forgotten about, like our most excellent stop at Empire Mine.  
As many of you can relate, this month our world has been a wet adventure. We had over 10 inches of rain in May, most of that within a weeks time, and the rain kept coming into June. Just on the other side of the dam from us, Truman Reservoir, built for flood control back in the 1970s, was at historic levels, with many marina's, beaches and campgrounds underwater. 

We expected a much bigger rise in the Lake of the Ozarks, but they couldn't release from Truman Dam into our lake as much due to the flooding downstream along the Missouri River. And boy have they seen flooding. The news reports and photos are devastating, and our hearts go out to everyone throughout the midwest dealing with the flood of 2019. The waters seem to be receding a bit though. If those north of us, and over in Kansas and Iowa, can catch a break from heavy rains for a while maybe things can get back to normal...someday. 
As we celebrate Legends of America's 16th anniversary on the world wide web this week, I also have to brag about a new addition to the Alexander family.  Meet Wynter Grace, born Monday, June 24 to my youngest son and his wife. We're bursting with pride and looking forward to working on getting another grandchild interested in American History :).  Future All American and President of the United States, right?  Aren't they all at this age? 

Dave "grinnin from ear to ear" Alexander

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What's New on LOA

Here are some of the latest additions since our last newsletter.
Empire Mine, Grass Valley – One of the oldest, deepest, and richest gold mines in California, the Empire Mine in Grass Valley in the Sierra Nevada’s is a State Historic Park today.

North Bloomfield, California and the Malakoff Diggins – A California State Park, the district includes the workings of Malakoff Diggins adjacent to the ghost town of North Bloomfield.

Shumla, Texas – Another Railroad Casualty – Shumla, Texas got its start as a railroad town in 1882. Today, it is a ghost town.

Spofford, Texas – Dust on the Tracks – The ghost town of Spofford, Texas, located in south central Kinney County, got its start when the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railroad came through.

Bonfire Shelter, Texas – Bonfire Shelter is an archaeological site located in a southwest Texas near Langtry, Texas. The site contains evidence of mass American buffalo hunts.

Nevadaville, Colorado – Nevadaville, Colorado, an old mining town, was yet another that got its start in Gregory Gulch, the same as Black Hawk and Central City.

Virginia Dale, Colorado – Overland Trail Ghost Town – Virginia Dale, Colorado, located along the Overland Trail in Larimer County, began as a stage station in 1862.

Genoa, Colorado & the Wonder Tower – Genoa, Colorado, a near ghost town in Lincoln County, has long been called home to a roadside attraction called the quirky Genoa Wonder Tower.

Vulture City, Arizona – Gold Mine Ghost Town – Vulture City, Arizona, once a popular gold mining camp, is a ghost town located at the site of the defunct Vulture Mine in Maricopa County.

Eden, Arizona – Mormon Ghost Town – Eden, Arizona, located in Graham County was an agricultural community established by Mormon settlers in 1881. It would wind up as a nudist colony.

Oatman Highway, Arizona – Traveling west from Kingman to Oatman, the adventure on this early alignment of Route 66 is a great start to fun and history ahead.

Lupton, Arizona – Welcome to the Grand Canyon State – Lupton, Arizona situated right on the New Mexico border, also known as Painted Cliffs, invites visitors with high sandstone bluffs and trading posts.

Ben Holladay – The Stagecoach King – Ben Holladay began a number of stagecoach routes in the American West and became known as the “Stagecoach King”.

Bill Jordan – Gunfighter Legend – Serving with the U.S. Border Patrol his accomplishments led to the development of the guns and gear used by law enforcement across the nation. (submitted by Concealment Express)

We've added 20 articles since our last newsletter. Be sure to see the rest!
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Did You Know?
The Declaration of Independence accused King George III of unleashing “merciless Indian Savages” against innocent men, women, and children. The image of ferocious warriors propelled into action by a tyrannical monarch fixed in memory and imagination the Indians‘ role in the American Revolution and justified their subsequent treatment. But, many Indian nations tried to stay out of the conflict, some sided with the Americans, and those who fought with the British were not the king’s pawns.
Happy Birthday U.S.A!
The United States turns 243 this July 4th. Understand more of our founders struggles and visions with our articles related to the American Revolution. 
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North West Fur Company Trading Post
In July of 2016 we took a trip to Minnesota and found adventure at the North West Fur Company Trading post, a reconstructed fur trading post on the Snake River west of Pine City, Minnesota. The original post was established in the fall of 1804 by John Sayer, a partner in the North West Company, and built by his crew of voyageurs.
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In case you missed's some articles that have received the most interaction on our Facebook fan pages over the past month. 

Two Guns - Death by Highway - Two Guns, Arizona thrived for years as a popular tourist stop until the interstate bypassed Route 66.

Choctaw – Agriculturists of the Southern Indians - They trace their roots to a mound-building, maize-based society that flourished in the Mississippi River Valley for more than a thousand years before European contact.

(From our primary Legends' Facebook Page)
The Goodnight-Loving Trail - June 6, 1866, Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving set out with some 2,000 head of Texas Longhorns and 18 cowhands from Fort Belknap, Texas, blazing the Goodnight-Loving Trail.

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What Our Readers are saying: 

I am a descendant of hers and have always been told that she is where I get my attitude and personality from. Lol now I see why. Jeri (Reference: Sally Skull - The Scariest Siren in Texas)

Thanks for legends I live in south west England and find this monthly issue fascinating, look forward to the next issue. Many thanks. David (Reference: May Newsletter

Love your newsletters - Donald

Another great story from a lady (Kathy Weiser-Alexander) that really knows how to put history together. Thank you Kathy. - Paul (Reference: Cullen Montgomery Baker - A Very Bad Man)

Love the Lawmen Bios - John (Reference: Thomas "Bear River" Smith - Marshalling Abilene

They even have marks on the downtown buildings to show the flood level. Amazing to look up at those marks from the sidewalk below. - Mike (Reference: The Johnstown Pennsylvania Flood of 1889)

As a Texan who has seen some of these lonely outposts I have to imagine the boredom was awful, they most likely looked forward to an Indian attack. - Patsy (Reference: Texas Forts Trail)

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