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Legends of America Newsletter - December 2018
That's the view across the street after morning fog. It's been a fairly cold season so far, but can't complain about having 60-degree temps around the holidays. We just wrapped up family get-togethers for Christmas. It's been several years since Kathy and I hosted the family gathering so we haven't been putting up a tree in a while.  

Of course, I had to make it more difficult by putting all the decorations in the attic of the garage. Then as time passes, things get piled and stacked under the ladder, etc etc. Took me a while to get it where I could lower the ladder, but finally brought things down about mid-December. 

We did have a lot of fun decorating the tree. Actually, I just put it together and added a string of lights my parents had from back in the 70s. Kathy took joy in going through boxes, throwing out the broken stuff, gathering up things that can be given to others, and promising we wouldn't have as much to put away this year. That's good because I told her the tree would likely be up until the end of January. 
Early in the month, we heard from a reader/supporter that reached out for help. Mark Rawlins is looking for someone to stay on his ranch for a couple of months this winter. No work expected, other than keeping an eye on things and making sure the gate is locked at night. 

Aravada Springs Ranch, about 37 miles from Mesquite Nevada on the state line with Arizona, has RV pads with full hookups. They would provide the propane, and even a fuel stipend for travel into town if needed. Great opportunity for boondocking with benefits in a very scenic area.  See our page here for more information about the opportunity, and read more about the ranch in this magazine article "The Road to Aravada Springs Ranch". Hopefully, some of ya'll know someone with a hankering to get away from it all for a while. Is that you? 

In the meantime, we hope you've had a joyous holiday season. Kathy and I are looking forward to great things in 2019 and are glad you are along for the journey. 

Happy New Year!
Dave Alexander
Kathy Weiser-Alexander

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What's New on LOA

There are too many additions since our last newsletter to include everything, but here are some highlights. Be sure to see all new additions on the What's New Page
Klondike Gold Rush, Alaska – The Klondike Gold Rush ushered in an estimated 100,000 prospectors to the Klondike region of the Yukon in north-western Canada between 1896 and 1899.

Kennecott Mine and Mill Town, Alaska – The Kennecott Mines and mill town are an abandoned copper mine operation and ghost town in Alaska that together, form a National Historic Landmark District.

The Great Wagon Road of the East – The Great Wagon Road, also called the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road, was the primary route for the early settlement of the Southern United States.

Cullen Montgomery Baker – A Very Bad Man – Cullen Montgomery Baker was a mean, cold-blooded, and ruthless killer who left a long trail of bodies across the American Frontier.

Silva’s White Caps – A Vicious Outlaw Gang of New Mexico – Silva’s White Caps, also called La Sociedad de Bandidos and Forty Bandits were a mafia-like group that operated in Las Vegas, New Mexico from 1879 to 1893.
Jimmy Hope – King of the Bank Robbers – James “Old Jimmy” Hope was one of the most successful and sought after bank robbers in the United States during the 19th-century.

Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia – Cumberland Island, Georgia is the largest of the Sea Islands of the southeastern United States and is a National Seashore today.

Fort Kent, Maine & the Aroostook War – Fort Kent, Maine was built during the bloodless Aroostook War of 1838-1839 that was a border dispute between Great Britain and the United States.

American Life in the Late 19th Century – In the decades following the Civil War, the United States emerged as an industrial giant and the lives of both city dwellers and urban residents changed.

Top 7 Tips for Taking and Editing Photos of Historical Sites – by Anna Hicks – Here are some tips for getting the best photos while exploring America’s historic places.
We've added 45 new articles since our last newsletter. 
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Did You Know?
It was during the same year that Route 66 began to be built that the Whiting Brothers discovered that with just a little lumber from their father’s mill, they could easily construct a profitable gas station.
The Tragic Story of the Donner Party

On April 16, 1846, nine covered wagons left Springfield, Illinois on the 2500 mile journey to California, in what would become one of the greatest tragedies in the history of westward migration.

Mining and Murder in Ruby
In 2007, on our roundabout journey from Phoenix to Nogales, we took the road less traveled, exiting off of I-19 and eventually onto a dirt road adventure to the ghost town of Ruby.

Ruby, Arizona is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in the state, filled with history, including lawlessness, murder, and mayhem, not to mention dozens of great photographic opportunities.
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In case you missed's some articles that have received the most interaction on our Facebook fan pages over the past month. 

Brookville, Kansas – Another Crazy Cowtown

Brookville got its start when the tracks of the Kansas Pacific Railroad reached the area in 1867.

Chippewa – People of the Great Lakes

The Chippewa, also known as the Ojibway, Ojibwe, and Anishinaabe, is one of the largest and most powerful nations in North America, having nearly 150 different bands throughout their original homeland in the northern United States.

(From our primary Legends' Facebook Page)
Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

November 27, 1868, General Custer's attack on peaceful Chief Black Kettle's tribe at Washita was a tragic event in the Indian Wars.

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What Our Readers are saying: 

I’ve read references where in a pinch of people having to ride in a “Dead Axe Wagon”, after much research I found that a dead axe wagon was a wagon with no suspension, the box was bolted solid to the axles which meant every rock and stone was felt by the passengers. Just FYI - Paul, reference Stagecoach Terms and Slang

It’s a good story, except that I think you meant ‘men yelling unintelligibly’ rather than yelling unintelligently. Although men are known to do both. - Morgana, reference Black Jack Ketchum Lives On - A Ghost Story

Editors Reply: Yeah, I’m thinking Kathy just made a Freudian slip. Thanks Morgana

PharrMound site offers a good two-mile hike around the site / plan trip after days of dry mild weather / easy walk / wear comfortable hiking shoes / very peaceful / shade, water and two restrooms on site. - Steven, reference to Mound Builders of Mississippi

Amazing history found here, thank you. -  Mary on Facebook

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