Subject: L.O.A. Newsletter - March 2018 (Back on TV, and fun with AZ Ghostriders)

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Legends of America Newsletter - March 2018
We're in a new haunting documentary about spirits in Ghost Towns. I would have told you sooner, but we just found out ourselves last week. 

I mentioned in our early October Newsletter that they had taken the 2014 "Evil Kin" show on ID Channel that Kathy was a part of, and rebranded it "The Bloody Benders: American Serial Killers". Now we have received word that parts of our interviews for the DVD "Ghost Towns: America's Lost World" have been re-used for a new 1 hour, 49 minute special called  "Ghosts in Ghost Towns: Haunting in the Wild West". You can see this special on Amazon Prime. Prime members watch for free, otherwise looks like they are charging just a few bucks to rent. Of course, you can still get the original five part documentary DVD "Ghost Towns: America's Lost World" through our General Store. Kathy and I are honored to be a part of both, but we should really pay more attention to that "in perpetuity" clause. 

We also got a kick when Arizona Ghostriders notified us that they used Legends of America for a fun video about Old West Slang. Be sure to check out their video "Old West Words and Wisdom", using Legends' Old West Slang, Lingo and Phrases, and our Old West Wisdom. That's a fun bunch over at Arizona Ghostriders

Meanwhile, back at Fort Alexander, we're enthusiastically embracing Spring. The heating bill is on it's way down and for the first time in two months, and Kathy appears to be on her way to better health. We hope this newsletter finds you well, dandy and ready for April showers. 

Happy Easter! 

Dave "should've negotiated royalties" Alexander. 
What's New on LOA

Massacre in Michigan - The Bath School Disaster - Still the deadliest attack on a U.S. School, the Bath School Disaster resulted in the deaths of 44, mainly children, in a small Michigan village in 1927.

Women's History Month

In 1987, Congress designated March as National Women’s History Month. There are hundreds of women who stand out in American History due to their strong characters, contributions to society, or plain old interesting personalities. From the hardy pioneers who crossed the vast prairies and mountains heading westward, to nurses, abolitionists, stagecoach drivers, and even a few doctors and soldiers.

Here are a few from our Women in American History pages we thought you might enjoy. 

Susan "Doc Susy" Anderson - Frontier Physician - Graduating from medical school in 1897, Anderson never became rich practicing her skills, but played an important role in the high mountains of Grand County Colorado.  

Lady Marshals of Indian Territory - Being a Deputy U.S. Marshal in Indian Territory was dangerous, but even more so for these women of the West, determined to bring in those wanted for justice.  

P.S. Our friend and reader Linda Pybus Glover in Austin, Tx let us know that her husband Steven Douglas Glover's book Lady Wears a Star is getting a great reception. His sixth historical novel is based on F.M. Miller, one of the subjects in our Lady Marshals of Indian Territory article. Be sure to check it out on Amazon
Nellie Cashman - Pioneering the Mining Camps - One of the original female entrepreneurs of the old west, Cashman was also known as the Angel of Mercy for her charity. 

Susan La Flesche Picotte - First Native Physician - Omaha Indian Susan La Flesche would overcome the stigma of women in higher education to become the first Native American to receive a medical degree.

Charley Parkhurst - Tough Lady Stage Driver - In a man's world, Charlotte did what she had too...become Charley. 

There are many more in our Women in American History Articles! 

Quotes and Words of the Old West

"The next best thing to being clever is being able to quote someone who is" - Mary Pettibone Poole. 

A jail is just like a nutshell with a worm in it, the worm will always get out.” — John Dillinger several weeks before he bluffed his way out of the Lake County Jail in Crown Point, Indiana.

Wild Bill was a strange character, add to this figure a costume blending the immaculate neatness of the dandy with the extravagant taste and style of a frontiersman, you have Wild Bill, the most famous scout on the Plains.” – General George Custer, writing about Wild Bill Hickok.

I take no sass but sarsaparilla.” — John Wesley Hardin, explaining his deadly disposition.

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” – Mark Twain

Featured Travel - Fayette, Michigan Historic Town Site

In September of 2014 we journeyed to Michigan for adventure on the peninsula’s. One of our favorite stops was a 19th Century gem of a ghost town.
Fayette Historic Town Site is a 19th Century, well preserved, company town, that manufactured charcoal pig iron and lime from 1867 to 1891.

In the mid-1800’s, there was an enormous cost in shipping iron ore from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the foundries in the lower Great Lakes due to inefficient shipping. To resolve the issue, The Jackson Iron Company, led by company agent Fayette Brown, chose Lake Michigan’s Garden Peninsula at Snail Shell Harbor to establish a blast furnace close to mining, where the ore could be smelted into pig iron before being shipped to steel manufacturers.

Located on the southern side of the Upper Peninsula on Big Bay de Noc, Fayette was at its peak the most productive iron-smelting operation in the area. 

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I just stumbled on your site. I can’t stop reading all the articles. Easy to find things, easy to read and learn about our history. Thank you! - Amanda

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Great NM history lesson I’m from northern NM, went to college there [ New Mexico Highlands], never knew of the rich history Las Vegas, NM has to offer - Dorothy

Your articles are excellent, keep up the excellent work - Denis

Thank you for a very interesting article! [Sanderson - The Town Too Mean for Bean] My husband wants to retire there in a few years so I’m glad to know some history. Also the comment on the nice climate is very encouraging! - Mary Beth
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