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Legends of America Newsletter - August 2018
We are fresh back from another adventure into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Been a while since we've explored the Centennial State, and as usual it didn't disappoint. This sunset photo was captured at our friends house between Hartsel and Buena Vista. What a view!
We traveled from Missouri, through Oklahoma to the Texas Panhandle to see family. Then up through New Mexico for a revisit to Folsom, finding more ghost towns along the way. There is plenty to write about, so expect quite a few new stories over the next few months. We'll also be updating some existing articles, including more Route 66 in Texas and the ghost town of Folsom, New Mexico.

But our primary objective was ghost towns in Colorado. Wish we had more time, but we took advantage of what we got and had a blast. From a quirky block of antiques in Guffey, to Phantom Canyon Road outside of Victor.  
Even the locals at the ghost town/museum of Vicksburg, CO got into the action. Couldn't get that shot again if I tried.

We were a bit "data deprived" during our stay, which had it's good points...Isn't taking a break from technology a great thing in the Rocky Mountains?  But that means we didn't have the chance to get our Photo Blog rolling, and we have plenty to catch up on now that we are back home. I think I like doing it this way. Instead of trying to keep up during the evenings and mornings while on the road, I can sit back at home for the next few weeks enjoying the adventure over and over again.  

Lots to cover in this newsletter. A couple of stories from our trip, Kathy's expansion of Route 66 in New Mexico (the pre-1937 Route) in our "What's New", and some "limited time" special deals for you, our most valuable newsletter readers.

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Dave "Hey, was that a squirrel" Alexander.  
Gilman, Co

On our way from Buena Vista, through Leadville to Minturn we came upon a "ghost town" that you can only enjoy from the road (without breaking the law).  Sitting on the side of Battle Mountain, Gilman is an old company town dating back to 1886, with recent, unrealized dreams of bringing it back to life as a resort. 
Ludlow and the Colorado Coalfield War

Getting to Central Colorado was half the adventure as we made a visit to the Ludlow Massacre site, and the abandoned ruins of the town that once was. About 12 miles north of Trinidad, this stop is a reminder of the violent struggles between workers and coal mining companies of the early 20th Century. But the history of the "town" dates back to at least the 1890's.  
What's New on LOA

Once again this is just a sample of the latest additions since our last newsletter. Be sure to visit our What's New Page!
Kathy did some obsessing to complete our articles on the Pre-1937 Route of New Mexico's Route 66.  You'll find links to all the stories added HERE and HERE, which includes additions to the Santa Fe Trail as well. 

Can't write about this area without running into something else that needs to be added. Did you know the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, the ‘Royal Road of the Interior,’ was the earliest Euro-American trade route in the United States. Today it is a National Historic Trail... read more about it HERE
Mad Gassers of Virginia & Illinois - We also added up a quirky unsolved mystery. In the 1930s and 40s, there were accounts of a “Mad Gasser” operating in two locations – Virginia and Illinois. Was it hysteria, or something more sinister?

There's quite a few new additions since our July Newsletter (about 24 as of this writing). So be sure to visit our What's New Page via the button below. 
Did You Know? 

On August 1, 1876, Colorado joined the Union. After its first bid for statehood was vetoed by President Andrew Johnson, President Ulysses S. Grant issued a proclamation declaring Colorado a state on August 1, 1876, the year the United States celebrated its centennial. Thus, the 38th state is known as the Centennial State.
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In case you missed's some articles that have received the most interaction on our Facebook fan pages over the past month. 

Miners Delight, Wyoming - Tumbling in the Forest Gold was first discovered here in 1867 and within no time, a mining camp sprang up named Hamilton City. However, because the largest and most productive mine was called Miners Delight, most people called the town by the same name.

Dull Knife - Northern Cheyenne Chief "The life of Dull Knife, the Cheyenne Chief, is a true hero tale. Simple, child-like yet manful, and devoid of selfish aims, or love of gain, he is a pattern for heroes of any race."
(From our primary Legends' Facebook Page)
Cowboys on the American Frontier - We celebrated National Day of the Cowboy on July 28 with this historic text from Emerson Hough written 100 years ago. 

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My husband and I had a tour of the Goldfield Hotel in 1976. We were getting gas nearby and the attendant told us to be sure to check it out. What an adventure....Love seeing this story online - Cynthia (reference Goldfield Hotel - Luxury in the Nevada Desert)

My Grandmother (Ethel Jackson) & her husband Sam had a cabin in Eagle’s Nest for many years. My Daddy, Don Simon, would load all us kids up in the jeep & we would ride all day on the trails. I have so many good memories of summers spent there- had a terrible crush as a teenager on Robert Sullivan. My husband & I went back a few years ago– someone had added to the cabin & there were so many changes to the area- it wasn’t the same- I guess you really can’t go back (as the saying goes). But the memories I have will never change- they are all still good ones. - Donna (Reference Eagle Nest, New Mexico)

Enjoyed the history of the Eagle’s nest Lodge. Thanks for sharing! Sad to see it’s complete demise. - Shelly (ref The Mystery of the Eagle Nest Lodge)

I like that you are always adding material to your sight. It’s a very good website and it’s been fun to navigate and learn about the history of all the places I have visited. And thank you for the professional packaging of photos. I will continue to enjoy the artistic and historic nature of your site. Happy Trails! - Susan, Photo Print Shop Customer and Reader.

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