Subject: Your author promo plan for Black Friday, Friend (inside)

Next week people will be looking for the deals of the year — both online and offline.

The question is: how are YOU going to leverage the power of Black Friday, Friend?

Here’s a step-by-step, ready-to-implement plan for you:

1. Plan ahead (we're doing it together right now!)

The first thing to do is to acknowledge that the craziness will start on November 24 and that you can take advantage of it.

2. Create a compelling offer

Black Friday is all about great deals. Here’s what you can do:
  • discount your ebook or paperback
  • give your readers coupon codes (think CreateSpace)
  • bundle your books and offer a great deal
What if you can’t or don’t want to discount your books?

Offer a bonus, such as:
  • another book as a gift
  • time with you: a “Meet the Author” session online that you can easily conduct via Zoom or Skype
3. Let your readers know

Not much will happen if you just create your offer and keep it secret. You need to let the world know about it:
  • email your list (if you have one…if you don’t…start working on one)
  • if you’re running a discounted deal, let the promo sites know
  • run Facebook ads directly to your Amazon site or to your landing page and give them the Black Friday offer on the thank-you page!
  • run Amazon ads! (don't know how? I should be able to save you in a couple of weeks)
Now you’ll be able to benefit from Black Friday not just by getting yourself some great deals (more about these later) but also by offering them to your audience!

To your Black Friday success!

Alinka Rutkowska on behalf of Eric V. Van Der Hope

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