Subject: Win BIG in Self-Publishing in 2017 [Your first 3 steps]


The most successful book marketing method boils down to...

...3 steps. 

And if you’ve read 7 Secrets to Winning in Self-Publishing in 2017 you already know them!

Step 1: Optimize your book and Amazon Page for conversion.

What does this even mean? It’s like with selling anything

If you’re about to sell a house you wouldn’t present it to a potential buyer right after you had the party of the year in it... 

You’d throw out all the garbage, you’d do the dishes, you’d polish all the surfaces, you’d bring in a bunch of flowers to put on the table and you’d look your best too.

You’d optimize yours and your house’s appearance to get the sale.

It’s the same with your Amazon page and your website. Details in 7 Secrets to Winning in Self-Publishing in 2017 (page 16).

Step 2: Create and optimize your funnel.

If this is foreign territory, just give me a moment. I’ll help. If you’re an emphatic person it should be easy. If you’re not I’ll make it easy for you anyway.

Basically what you do is you create something of value to your readers. It can be anything. 

For example I created 7 Secrets to Winning in Self-Publishing in 2017 for YOU because I knew it answers many questions authors have. 

It worked :) It’s not a long read but it’s full of content.

Author Wanda Luthman said:

I LOVED the 7 Secrets. I can't tell you how many times I've read posts similarly named or watched a webinar similarly named and got very little content, but yours is packed with not only content, but honest information. So, thank you for that!

Think of something that your readers will respond to the way Wanda did. That’s the start of your funnel. More on page 17.

Step 3: Send traffic.

Now and only now does it make sense to send traffic to your website or Amazon page. Traffic is just marketing jargon for visitors.

See, the biggest (and very costly!) mistake authors make is that they skip the first two steps and go directly to step 3. 

If you’re sending people to a page that hasn’t been optimized and you don’t have much to offer you’re just wasting a lot of time and/or money.

But that’s obviously not our approach. We’ve got the first two steps covered so now there are two ways for us to send traffic.

a) Invest time: that’s scouting reviewers of books similar to yours for example and inviting them to your landing page.
b) Invest money: that’s all kinds of ads.

Just remember that it’s very unlikely that traffic will generate on its own. You have to actively make it happen. More on page 18.

And there you have it. The 3 steps to successful book marketing in 2017! 

For more good stuff on book marketing that's working NOW check out your 7 Secrets to Winning in Self-Publishing in 2017

To your success!

P.S. You can now download 7 Secrets to Winning in Self-Publishing in 2017 in epub and mobi here.