Subject: [Time sensitive] The forgotten essentials of book marketing

You're only one great book description away from author success! 

The above are the paraphrased words of the legendary copywriting genius Gary Halbert.

I've been studying copywriting extensively for a few years now and I've experienced firsthand how changing the wording in my copy can double my results. 

You can experience this too.

I now consider copywriting one of my superpowers but what if you haven't focused your time and attention on it?

No worries. You can do what I first did. 

When I introduced one of my most popular offers - LibraryBub - I hired a pro to write the copy for me.

It's so good that if an author wants to be featured they have to wait several weeks.

Would you like to know who wrote it?

That pro is Bryan Cohen.

Bryan is such a superb copywriter that he's constantly in demand and he has written more than 500 book descriptions for books in a variety of genres.

He’s seen better book descriptions lead to $25,000+ launches and seven-figure years, and the great news is...

... YOU don't have to spend a penny to tap into Bryan's vast knowledge of copywriting because...

...this Thursday, at noon EST, Bryan and I are holding a masterclass on the Three Forgotten Essentials of Selling More Books.

You'll discover:
  • How to write the one sentence that can transform your author career; 
  • The one task every author should do every single day to supercharge results; 
  • How to turn strangers into fans for life;
  • And much, much more! 
Bryan and I can't wait for you to join us and start applying copywriting magic in your author business!


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1. Be a guest on “Author Remake Blog”
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