Subject: The Single Most Effective Strategy 70 out of 75 Successful Authors Put to Use


No man is an island and thriving authors collaborate.

The question is: how do you connect with fellow authors and influencers when you feel like you have little to offer in return?

How do you overcome fear of rejection?

After launching two virtual summits Eric and I debrief and discuss th
e single most effective strategy 70 out of 75 successful authors put to use.

We had to overcome fear of rejection because not every expert we reached out to accepted our invitation. 

I even asked Andy Weir (the author of “The Martian”) to come speak and received a wonderful rejection in return.

But that certainly didn’t stop me from doing what I was doing.

And one rejection or bump in the 
road shouldn’t stop YOU from achieving your goals either.

That’s why I have opened my video session with Eric for a few days so that you can discover:

• What most successful authors have in common.

• How to make an impression on your readers.

• The most effective ways of connecting with people online.

• How to stand out when connecting with people offline.

• How to get started.

Alinka on behalf of Eric Van Der Hope

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Eric V. Van Der Hope
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Alinka Rutkowska
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