Subject: The #1 Mistake authors make. You too?


There's never been a better time to be an author; as there are no longer any gatekeepers, anybody with an idea and a bit of drive can publish their book.

As a result, there's never been more competition. Since anyone can publish, publishing itself is not enough. 

So what sets successful authors apart from all the rest?

First is creating a great book and second is how you market it!

I leave the first step to you but you have my full support with the second stage.

You start by not making the #1 mistake authors make!

Here are fellow authors' reactions to my approach:

Alinka, thank you SO much for this amazing training! I am so grateful to be put on the right track by someone who knows. — Mona

Thank you for all the information. I am following your posts daily and learning how to market, a task I previously neglected because it seemed like such a hassle. — Victoria

Great to be here. I am enjoying my visits and learning bunches. — Donna

A number of authors I work with have recently launched best-selling books and they all started here.

You could be next :)

Alinka Rutkowska on behalf of Eric Van Der Hope

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Eric V. Van Der Hope
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Alinka Rutkowska
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