Subject: Surprise! FREE Book Landing Page (customize and use!)

I just wrapped up our Author Remake coaching call on landing pages and...

...the one thing that all the pages we critiqued had in common was.... for improvement.

Here were some of the problems. Could YOUR landing page have the same issues?
  • Headline too clunky
  • Too wordy
  • Wrong color scheme
  • Not the best image
  • Button too small
  • No image
  • Not professional
  • Too many options
  • Wrong proportions
  • False promise
The list goes on.

If you feel like the above describe your page as well, don't worry.

I've got a plug and play solution for you :)

Fellow author and authority in the publishing space Jesse Krieger designed and tested a landing page template which he now uses for all the books he publishes.'s that can download it for FREE here and customize it with your own text, book cover and details (it's worth $297).

Something to play with this weekend :)

To your success!

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