Subject: [Supreme Leadership] 1w+1d till show time, Friend!


I couldn't be more excited that you chose to participate in the launch of "Supreme Leadership".

The big day is in exactly one week and one day!

I have a bunch of exciting promotional activities lined up but your participation is crucial for everything else to work.

You see, everybody looks at reviews before they buy so the review you write is worth gold to me.

  • You can now download an ePub version to read on your iPad and a mobi version to read on your kindle. Please go here to download them. 
  • We just got a new editorial review, check it out:
After you read Supreme Leadership, you will have gained sage wisdom that otherwise would have taken years to gather. Your leadership skills and confidence will skyrocket. I recommend this book to leaders of all types who want to make a difference for others while lighting the way.
Dr. John Spencer Ellis | CEO, National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association

Some launch team members have already prepared their reviews!

If you'd like to record your thoughts on the book before we hit launch day, please do so here and I'll send you a reminder on January 15 to post it on Amazon.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this! :)

Have a beautiful Sunday!
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