Subject: [Starts today] Sell more books through Content Marketing

Content Marketing boosts sales. Here's how:

In 1888 (easy to remember) Johnson & Johnson launched a publication called Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment in which it educated its customers – physicians – about the future of surgical procedures. In the back pages it discreetly offered its products for sale.

The book soon became the authoritative source on the topic, and within six years Johnson & Johnson was producing 3.5 million yards of gauze annually, proving that content marketing was an effective business strategy.

What does it mean for authors?

You can do the same. 

Have you ever downloaded a free book (mine perhaps) that offered more books or products that you can enjoy? That's content marketing.

Have you ever watched a video that was so funny you had to share it with friends, which also urged you to click through to a website with more to offer? That's content marketing.

Have you ever attended a webinar which gave you plenty of useful strategies and also offered you a more sophisticated service at the end? That's content marketing.

You see these strategies a lot because they work.

And now you can become the master of content marketing and increase your sales more than you ever thought possible just like Johnson & Johnson experienced with the publication they launched more than a century ago.

But where do you start? How do you achieve Content Marketing Mastery?

It starts tomorrow, June 7, where more than 50 content marketers and influencers (including yours truly) will show you how you can:
  • Create high-value, optimized content as quickly and as effectively as possible;
  • Promote your content so it gets seen by your targeted audience;
  • Build your own social media audience and promote your content to that audience with powerful strategies; 
  • Monetize the content you've worked so hard to create and promote.
Go here to be part of it:

There will be a number of speakers I look up to, so I'll be tuning in as well.

I'll see you there.

To your success!

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