Subject: Sell Foreign Rights Masterclass (and pitch your book to a foreign rights agent!)

Have you sold translation rights to your book yet?

If not, you're overlooking what could be a substantial addition to your revenue stream.

Why limit yourself to just one market and one language when you could replicate your success and offer THE SAME book to multiple foreign publishers!

The best thing about foreign rights is that you can sell your self-published book to traditional foreign publishing houses...

...and once you've signed the licensing contract all you have to do is cash the check — the other party takes care of the translation, editing and distribution.

But how do you get to the point of signing a licensing contract with a foreign publisher?

The current approach is your presence at a book fair. Here are your options:

Option A. Get a stand at a book fair and wait for foreign publishers or agents to approach you. The cost of a 'Newcomer Package', which includes an 8 sq.m. row stand, costs €3,925 (currently equivalent to about $4,480) at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year. I actually went to this event (the largest foreign rights fair) back in 2014 and shared a stand with other authors. It turned out to be a huge waste of time and money because we were placed far away from the main alleys and we didn't get much traffic. I sold two copies of my books (one to the hostess bringing us refreshments) and no rights.

Option B. Attend a book fair without a stand and simply 'scout' the various foreign publishers and pitch them your book. It's exhausting and difficult to get the attention of an editor or publisher because they have appointments scheduled and not much time. You need to have mastered your elevator pitch and you need thick skin to brush off a lot of rejections and still keep going. The positive side is that you will get a lot of advice and learn what each publisher is looking for. Plus, all you pay is the admittance fee (and hotel and flight...) and you might actually reach someone interested in your book.

Option C. You get your book displayed via exhibiting or distribution organizations who attend major international book shows. Now be careful because not every company who will put your book on their shelf will do anything apart from that. If there is no staff actively pitching your book, you will gain little benefit from simply displaying it. It's like having your book listed on Amazon with nobody actually promoting it. Some companies may simply be taking advantage of authors who keep paying for this promotion fair after fair while never seeing any leads from such exhibits.

After some research, I used the services of Foreword Reviews (currently $215 per title per book fair).

But it didn't end there. I actually went to the Bologna Book Fair that I signed up for and visited the booth. Right at the stand there was a lady who was booked with back-to-back appointments (because that's what they do!) and she made it clear that she had no time for "walk-ins".

I don't give up easily so I circled the area until I spotted her alone.

60 seconds.

That's all she had.

I didn't waste them.

I pitched her my other books, left her my marketing materials and that was the beginning of what turned into a long-term cooperation and relationship with my agent with rights to 15 books being sold.

Option D. Meet my foreign rights agent without doing all the work.

At least once a week someone asks me how I managed to sell rights to my books. It was a long process. It took a lot of trial and error. The first time I displayed at a fair was in 2010. I first signed a contract with my agent in 2014... 

...and I don't even know what's going on behind closed doors when agents talk to each other or to foreign publishers sometimes in foreign languages...

...but I know someone who does :)

And I managed to get her to run a masterclass and share the insider secrets of what makes a book irresistible to foreign publishers.

You'll discover:
  • how to get the attention of foreign publishers with a technique requiring a bit of insider knowledge but only a little effort on your part;
  • the single most powerful marketing strategy that makes YOU look like a seasoned pro even if you're only getting started;
  • the secret to having publishers look at your portfolio before everyone else's;
  • why some books which initially gain publishers' interest end up being rejected (and how to fix this!);
  • the secret to adapting your content to make it appealing to foreign markets and cultures;
  • the truth about negotiations and the terms of a prospective deal;
  • what you should never tell a foreign rights agent if you want to end up signing a contact;
  • the little known details that can make or break a publisher's decision on purchasing rights to your book;
  • plus you'll be able to pitch your book to a real foreign rights agent!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to pitch your book directly at the masterclass!

The cost is $97 and at the end of the masterclass you'll be able to pitch your book to a real foreign rights agent and if you get accepted, she will represent you at ALL major book fairs.

You'll sign a contract and once you sell rights, you'll start having an additional revenue stream and become a hybrid author (= also traditionally published if you're self-published now).

Go to to claim your spot at the Sell Foreign Rights Masterclass now!

(Yes, there will be a replay and you'll be able to pitch your book even if you don't make it live.)

To your success!


P.S. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to pitch your book to a real foreign rights agent at "Sell Foreign Rights Masterclass". Go here.

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