Subject: Review Request: “Supreme Leadership” (34 CEOs share their secrets to success)


Do you enjoy business books?

If so, I'd like to invite you to join the launch team for my upcoming book Supreme Leadership.

To create it, I interviewed 34 CEOs who are celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2018. It’s basically a free MBA in leadership.

Warning: reading this book and following the advice within can cause a significant improvement of your bottom line.

Start reading now and discover:

  • the single most powerful piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle that determines if you’ll make it in business or not
  • the truth behind a mission statement (It’s one thing to have it displayed on the wall but it’s another thing to buy into. Find out how to get your team members to live by it.)
  • which way of performing will put you in the selected few who make it to their 25th anniversary versus those who fail (Indifference could cost you everything.)
  •  the fastest way to outthink, outwork and outmaneuver your competition
  •  the secret to thriving in business, even during a recession
  •  why success in business comes down to the same principles as success in marriage
  • Plus, you’ll get the complete list of books that have influenced the successful leaders featured in Supreme Leadership.

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Here's what early reviewers say:

Supreme read! You may not recognize these CEOs’ names, but the lessons they share resonate loud and deep.
– Ludovic Beaufils | Vice President Product Marketing, Whirlpool

I have always believed it is always about people. This book tells you how and why. 
– Neville Isdell | ex-Chairman & CEO, the Coca-Cola Company and ex-board member, General Motors

A powerful, practical guide that shows you how to make it to your company’s 25th anniversary… from people who’ve done that and more
– David Burkus | associate professor of leadership and innovation, Oral Roberts University; author of Under New Management

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the launch team.

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Alinka Rutkowska 
Multi-Award Winning, #1 International Best-Selling Author; 5-Figure Author Challenge Host, CEO LibraryBub.