Subject: Psst...Friend, "Brave and Funny Memories" is secretly launching today!

Happy Veteran's Day, Friend!

To honor not just my husband Lyndon Shubert, the author of "Brave and Funny Memories," but all veterans, I made the eBook format of the book available for a free download on Amazon from November 10th to the 12th.

This is where you come in, Friend:

  1. Please go to Amazon and download your FREE copy even if you've already read it. It's important that you download the book directly from Amazon because then your review will be shown as "verified" - this is crucial for the success of the book.
  2. Only after you've downloaded your copy, post your review on Amazon. If you've already sent me your review, you'll get a reminder on what you wrote :)
Thank you so muchFriend!

In appreciation, 
Betty Shubert