Subject: Overworked and overwhelmed? This is for you.

Hi Friend,

If you know anything about Michael Hyatt, you likely know he's a New York Times bestselling author, former Chairman & CEO of a major company, current Founder & CEO of a multi-million dollar start-up...

PLUS he's a devoted husband and family man' avid exerciser, world traveler, daily napper (yep, it's true!), and fly fisherman.

HOW does he do it all, and do it well?

The man knows productivity.

He's been a student of productivity for decades and has found very practical ways to succeed at work and in all other arenas of life.

So, when Michael releases new productivity teaching, I'm all ears.

He's just announced this free webinar ... I'm totally registering, and you should too!

"The 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity: The Hidden Habits Undermining Your Performance-and How to Change Them."

Sign up here. His webinars always fill up fast, so claim your spot!

Eric V. Van Der Hope