Subject: (New!) Give your readers a REASON to get your book ;)

Question: How does YOUR book differ from the millions of other books out there?

That's easy.

Just like YOU differ from billions of people out there, so does your book, simply because YOU wrote it.

Is it enough though?

It depends.

If, however, your dream is to have a book published and available, then you're done.

However... if your dream is to impact other people's lives with what you've written, then you need your book to sell.

Sometimes what people want is not what they need.

So how do you motivate people to get what they want and give them what they need?


You incentivize them.

You incentivize your book sales.

For example, would you like to go behind the scenes of the incentivized launches I run?

It's at your fingertips.

Participate in my incentivized launch right now.

Get your copy of my newly released audiobook How I Sold 80,000 Books here and then send your receipt to

...and...I'm going to give you access to an exclusive session I ran only with my Inner Circle members in which we covered incentivized launches.

With that kind of insider knowledge, you'll be able to launch or relaunch any book you have.

What if you've already read How I Sold 80,000 Books in ebook or paperback form?

That's great!

You will retain even more from your listening session.

I've been accused of overwhelming readers with too much 'meat' (there's no fluff in the book).

So... you'll truly make the most of the book marketing strategies I share when you now listen to what you've previously read.

Here's why audiobooks are so wonderful (Have you considered launching one yourself?):
  • Audiobooks are great for supplementing previous knowledge so as to solidify information! If you have read a book before and then listen to the audiobook version, you’ll retain and reinforce much more information.
  • You can listen to the audiobook at twice the speed it's been recorded and absorb the information super fast!
  • No time to read? Have the narrator read to you while you're driving, doing house chores or working out!
  • You will feel way more productive after doing the dishes if you've learnt some book marketing strategies at the same time!
  • If you've got the Kindle version, you can also seamlessly switch between the audio and the Kindle via Whispernet!

And...if you're thinking about launching an audiobook yourself - I cover how you do that in the session you'll receive when you get How I Sold 80,000 Books now and send your receipt to

It's easy!

Step 2. Send your receipt to
Step 3. You get unique access to my insider session on how to structure an incentivized launch and how to profit from adding audiobooks to the mix.

To your success!

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