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Some books are destined to fail. This year it’s roughly 80%. These are the ones that won’t make enough to cover their publishing costs.

Odds are, that’s where you’re headed, without even realizing.

The question now is how do we turn that imminent failure into a winner?

You start by discovering the 7 Secrets to Winning in Self-Publishing in 2017. (Click the link to go to the download, no opt-in needed).

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  • The 5 Costly Misconceptions About Book Marketing in 2017
  • How to Avoid 4 Self-Publishing Rip-Offs
  • The Guide to the Most Popular Scams Authors Fall For
  • 3 Author Decisions That Put Your Career at Risk
  • Which Book Marketing Methods Work Best in 2017
  • 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Book Marketing Products and Services
  • Why You Need a Professional Book Marketing System

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