Subject: Let others sell your books for you (here's how)

You know how you sometimes get the EXACT SAME email from many different people, all promoting the same BOOK or event?

It does make you notice the thing they're talking about, doesn't it?

How would YOU like to have a network of people who you could rely on to sell YOUR BOOK?

I think I know the answer :)

Well, those emails that you get are only the tip of the iceberg. You see, people send these out because they have a RELATIONSHIP with the author (or event organizer).

But how do you form a relationship with an influencer if they don't even know you exist?

What I do is this: I ask for an introduction from someone who knows us both. If there's no such connection, I just introduce myself.

I never say, "Will you promote me?". Instead I propose ways I can help them expand their world domination.

Once I've helped them, the rule of reciprocity kicks in and I'm able to ask them to promote me. (That's how the 5-Figure Author Challenge became such a success!)

And you can do the same! It's all explained at the Super Connector Summit I'm speaking at.

Discover how you too can grow your network and build an army of friends and promoters ready to give you a helping hand when you need it :)

To your success!

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