Subject: How to claim your INDIEpendence Day

Can you believe it? 

Kindle Direct Publishing revolutionized the publishing industry when it launched almost 10 years ago.

Here’s how things have changed for you since then:

  • Instead of spending years looking for an agent who will then spend years trying to sell your manuscript to a publisher who will then (if you're lucky) take a year or two to bring your book to market you can now... hit publish in your KDP dashboard and have your book for sale in a matter of hours!
  • Instead of staring at your watch wondering what type of cover or manuscript changes you’ll end up with, as an indie author you have absolute control of the final shape of your book. This is a dream come true for marketing-savvy authors. And if you don’t have this talent? You can work with someone who does until YOU are happy with the end result.
  • Instead of being paid 10% royalty rates and receiving your reports twice a year you can get 70% royalties and monitor your performance on a daily basis!
  • Instead of hoping for marketing support, which may never come, you know from the start that you are the master of your book marketing destiny!
The INDIE revolution is about YOU being in control and always growing.

Yes, there are pros of traditional publishing such as validation, distribution, support and an advance but what you’re giving away is potential for growth. 

If your indie book bombs, you can take it off the market, you can rewrite it, you can republish it, you can learn and grow, you can fall and rise, always moving up to higher altitudes of success and happiness.

Think about it. Happiness is growth.

By claiming your INDIEpendence and going indie you are embarking on one of the most exhilarating adventures of your life!

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To your success!

Alinka Rutkowska on behalf of Eric V. Van Der Hope
Eric V. Van Der Hope
International Best-Selling Author & Book Marketing Coach.

Alinka Rutkowska 
Multi-Award Winning, #1 International Best-Selling Author; 5-Figure Author Challenge Host, CEO LibraryBub.