Subject: How I got 10,000+ subscribers (and how you can too)

Do you have one subscriber on your mailing list?

Well, imagine how powerful it is to have a list of 10,000 people and to send an email saying “My book is available now. Click here to buy”. This is the basis of all the Amazon bestseller campaigns, says New York Times best-selling author Joanna Penn.

If you can get one person to sign up, you can get 10,000. It's just a matter of time. It might seem like things are going slow at first but once you get the hang of it, there's no stopping you.

It took me three years to get to 7,000 subscribers and then it took me three weeks to double the number of people I'm engaging with.

And if there's one thing you absolutely NEED to get anywhere close to these numbers it's...

A killer landing page is a page that converts (visitors to subscribers).

If people are seeing your page but they're not subscribing, there's something wrong with it.

A pretty good landing page will have a 50 percent conversion rate, meaning that half of the people who see it will subscribe. 

I managed to create pages converting at a rate of more than 75 percent. It's something you should be measuring.

So, now that you have your landing page, what do you do?


Here are some ways I've used to drive traffic to my landing pages (in order of success):

10. Google Ads (That didn't work out for me. Average cost per click in all industries is $2.32, way higher for me.)

9. Facebook Ads (I played with these back in 2014 and was able to get people on board at less than $1 per subscriber. Prices have gone way up since.)

8. Having people go through my landing page to be able to join my private Facebook group (I did this back in 2014 and it worked like a charm, although time-consuming.)

7. Guest blogging (Bloggers are constantly looking for content, so try to get the opportunity to write for them. Add a link to your landing page in your bio or at the end of the article.)

6. Speaking on podcasts (Give plenty of value and share a link to your landing page at the end.)

5. Speaking at virtual summits (same as above, the plus is that once you appear on a few, invitations keep coming)

4. Permafree book (I have links to my landing pages in all my books. That's free advertising.)

3. Book Launch (My launch members were scouted via Amazon and Goodreads and invited to join my launch team via my landing page.)

2. Group giveaway (I was invited to participate in a group giveaway involving 30 authors and 600 new people discovered my book and signed up this way.)

1. Hosting a virtual summit (This is a more elaborate initiative but very rewarding in terms of people joining, visibility and goodwill created.)

Some of the above, including ads, are more budget intensive; others, such as pulling together a book launch team, are more time intensive.

Whichever method resonates with you, there's one thing you need to get right...and that's your landing page.

Don't know how to create a landing page that converts? No worries, I've got you covered. 

To your success!

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Alinka Rutkowska 
Multi-Award Winning, #1 International Best-Selling Author; 5-Figure Author Challenge Host, CEO LibraryBub.