Subject: Here's how you reach your 2017 author goals (even if you started late)

Even as a child I was attracted to success. When I used to ask my father how he managed to achieve his academic prominence, he would reply:

"Create a plan and follow it".

So that's what I've been doing since childhood.

Not just for myself.

I remember when later my school friends would ask me how I managed to get top grades. I would reply with a smug smile on my face,

"Create a plan and follow it".

I saw that my friends weren't always able to create such a plan, so I would step in and do it with them.

(I'm proud to report that those friends that I worked with were admitted to the best universities in the country.)

What I've discovered is that creating a plan doesn't come naturally to everybody and yet it's a crucial step for achieving your goals.

So when Kim Grabas first asked me to go through her Productivity Planner for Writers, you can imagine that my dad's words "Create a plan and follow it" echoed through my head.

Kim's platform and productivity planner, Believe, Plan, Act, can skyrocket your author career just like my planning helped launch my high school friends' careers.

By the time you finish Believe, Plan, Act:
  • You will have developed a business plan that includes your strategies on blogging, podcasting, list building, social media, book launch, networking and more.
  • You will have discovered how to build your business beyond your book.
  • You will know EXACTLY how to track your book sales, your finances and your success.

When you go through the planner thoroughly, you’ll get to know yourself and what works for you better than you ever thought possible.

They say that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Even if you were late defining your goals and planning for success in 2017, you can make up for lost time by planting your seeds for success now.

To your success!


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