Subject: He built a 70,000 list from scratch. He's coming to show us how.

A fellow author recently asked: Where's the money?

It's in the list.

Okay, but how do you get the list?
  1. You build a highly converting landing page.
  2. You drive traffic to it.
  3. You engage with your subscribers.
Yesterday I showed you how to build a simple well-converting landing page and I gave you 10 ways to drive traffic to it.

Now I'm bringing in the BIG GUNS.

I've got Buck Flogging, the creator of Buck Books, coming to show you how he built a list of more than 70,000 subscribers and how you can use the same strategies to get to a 5-figure subscriber list.

Plus - this is a unique opportunity - you'll get a CRITIQUE of YOUR landing page!

That's pure gold and can save you months of testing and fine-tuning. When you get a head start you usually win the race :)

It's one thing to just have a landing page. It's a completely different thing to have a landing page that CONVERTS well.

You don't want your website visitors coming to your landing page and changing their minds. You want them to leave their email so that you can engage with them.

That's exactly what you'll discover on the upcoming inner circle coffee shop call.

It's happening on Thursday, May 19, 10:30 PST and it will be recorded.

Even if you're not able to be present, you'll still get your critique.

This call is part of Author Remake Pro Inner Circle. As a member you:
  • get monthly feedback on crucial elements to becoming a best-selling author on calls like this;
  • get access to the whole Author Remake Pro curriculum;
  • mingle with authors who were where you are not long ago and who are now best-selling authors.
Join the inner circle here and I'll see you at the call.

To your success!

P.S. Don't leave your landing page to chance. Join us to discover how to build a 5-figure subscriber list (with Buck Flogging, creator of Buck Books) and get YOUR landing page critique!
Alinka Rutkowska 
Multi-Award Winning, #1 International Best-Selling Author; 5-Figure Author Challenge Host, CEO LibraryBub.