Subject: Book launch teams

The hottest topic we discuss in the Author Remake Mastermind is...

Book launches and launch teams.

Because you can't just publish and hope that "they will come".

They won't...

...Unless you gather a group of enthusiasts who will help you make the book launch a success.

Just like I'm doing for John McCarrick, a children's fantasy author I'm working with.

If you want to launch with a bang, here's what you do:

1) Create a launch team landing page where you offer subscribers a free review copy. This is John's page.

2) Drive traffic to that page.

3) Create a few autoresponders to make sure you engage with your subscribers. Email your launch team members during launch week. Share with them the progress of the launch.

Only three steps.

But it's important to consider that market research, positioning and packaging needs to be done successfully before you ever create your launch team.

So, if you're into children's fantasy and you'd like to actively participate in John's launch team to then replicate it for yourself, go here.

To your success!


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