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LibraryBub Books May 3
The Wizard of Tut Tut Bun
by John McCarrick

Far away in an unfamiliar country there’s a valley where magic happens. Some of the magic is good but much of it is evil. At the center of the war between good and evil is Billy Bottom. He lives in the woods in the hills overlooking the village of Tut Tut Bun — and is a good wizard.

In this charming fantasy for children, the wizard’s closest friends are the trees and the creatures of the woods. The adventure for readers begins alongside the children of Tut Tut Bun as they first get to know Billy Bottom. It then follows their quest to rid the valley of evil.

This story is for children who want to engage with the conflicts in the world today. Issues such as child labor, pollution and deforestation come up in Billy Bottom’s campaign against wicked forces. Can good overcome evil? 

This is a book that will teach young readers that they have the responsibility to fight for what is right and just. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Children's

ISBN: 978-1943386246
The Gumdrop House Affair (Book Two of the Monk Mysteries series)
by Tim McKeever

A Jewish accountant chokes on a Polish sausage in a city park. A young Catholic priest is found on his bed wearing only his collar and a gay hooker is hanging dead from his ceiling. The body of a Mafia ‘construction baron’ is found in the parking lot of the Diocese of Denver.

It's obvious that Denver homicide detectives, Sergeant Jack Laskey and his partner Detective Mai Li McDuff would become involved with these events, but how does Father William Yeats Butler of the Franciscan Order become totally involved in every one of these events and more with his ex-partner Jack Laskey? An African American standing 6'5" and weighing 315 lb., Father William Butler is an imposing figure in the robes of a Franciscan priest. Father William has always been known as ‘the Monk’ because of his devout Catholic faith.

In the tenth year of his police career, the Monk felt a calling to the priesthood because as a police officer, he was only dealing with the spiritual symptoms of humanity's illness and not the real cause of the illness — the Devil's influence on common man.

In The Gumdrop House Affair, many of the Devil’s deceptions and ploys are revealed as the Monk’s faith stands against wickedness. This book deals with the recent sex scandals in the Roman Catholic Church. The pace is fast, violent, profane, humorous and honest. 

A powerful story of good versus evil written by an ex-cop with a great talent for bristling dialogue and memorable characters — Goodreads

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1627470308
Weedgalized in Colorado: true tales from the High Country
by Johnny Welsh

Pot became legal in Colorado on January 1, 2014, and everything changed. Culture transformed, entrepreneurs descended and people couldn't stop talking about it. Specifically, in the heart of Colorado ski country, everyone was talking to professional bartender Johnny Welsh. It continues to be a blazing hot topic.

Weedgalized in Colorado is a lighthearted and informative read. It features on-the-ground stories from scores of participants in Colorado’s historic transformation into a cannabis-friendly state. The book doubles as a reference guide, listing dispensaries, strains and more.
Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Humor

ISBN: 978-0996307888

My Father's Eyes: a story of stolen lives
by Linda Blackmer

In this deeply personal story, Linda seeks to find the truth of her history. Who is she connected to? Who holds her DNA? Growing up, she was told, “You are no good and should have never been born” by her mentally-ill guardian. Feeling like an outsider in the family, she would dream of one day connecting to her real family.

Complex post-traumatic stress left a deep wound, however, and her nemesis, loneliness, created a chasm; an abyss she could not cross. Ever present and too painful, she would grow up believing she was alone and unloved.

With the death of her ‘Daddy’, a man who remained a mystery, she found the secrets adults kept from her when she was a three-year-old orphan. Once the conspiracy of lies was exposed, the truth of being loved by her own tribe — and her real father — would lead to a path of healing.

Honors: seen on  
NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN: 978-1627472500

Maintenant et de Nouveau: Now and Again
by Billie Urabazo

This bilingual book is a collection of poetry accessible to every level of French reader. Devotees of French and English literature will enjoy this easy read.

Each poem is a gout de ciel sur la bout de la langue (a taste of Heaven on the tip of the tongue). There are poems of place, poems of love, humorous poems and reflective poems.

The author speaks of how “writing is to live and write, to read and write, to live and write again” and encourages readers to open their minds to the down-to-earth thinking in her verse.

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Recognition for Author: Lena M. Todd Memorial Award for Creative Writing, 1989

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1491839966

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
Paper, Scissors, Death (Book One of the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery series) 
by Joanna Campbell Slan

Mousy housewife Kiki Lowenstein has two great loves: scrapbooking and her young daughter, Anya. 

But her happy family album is ruined when her husband, George, is found naked and dead in a hotel room. Kiki's scissor-sharp words make her the prime suspect. As Kiki tracks down George's murderer, she discovers his sordid secret life. supported by her loyal friends, along with a little help (and a lot of stomach flutters) from the dashing Detective Detweiler. Can Kiki design a new life for herself and Anya?

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Recognition for Author: Winner, Historical Romantic Mystery/Suspense, Daphne du Maurier Awards, 2013

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1543022360

The Torch Betrayal (Book One of the Conor Thorn series)
by Glenn Dyer

This book is a high-stakes wartime thriller inspired by true events.
London, 1942 — OSS Agent Conor Thorn is desperate for a second chance. After a botched mission in Tangier, he knows failure is not an option. When confidential directives for Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa, go missing, the agent must recover the plans before the Nazis thwart the crucial mission.

Thorn teams up with MI6 agent Emily Bright to seek out the traitor in their midst. Untangling the web of suspects leads them to Nazi sympathizers, double-crossing Soviet spies and Vatican clergymen with motives of their own. As their mission grows more and more dangerous, Thorn and Bright have one chance to retrieve the document before it falls into enemy hands.

A well-crafted espionage tale set during World War II — Kirkus 

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Mystery & Thriller


by Pamela Jean Horter-Moore

This book is a light-hearted retelling of one of the most enduring love stories from ancient Greek mythology: the forbidden passion of Eros, the god of love, for the mortal woman Psyche.

In this mythological romantic fantasy, Psyche must choose between betrayal and fidelity and suffer the consequences of her decision, just as Eros must connive to win her love and the approval of his mother. Both of them must be put to the test in order to find their hearts’ desires.

Horter-Moore takes the myth we think we know and brings the characters to life. — Goodreads

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Romance

ISBN: 978-1627470506

Australian Memories: discover Aussie Land and the mysterious red center (Book One of the Travels and Adventures series)
by Ndeye Labadens 

From arrival to departure, the experiences provided within the pages of this book are rich and full of the beauty and excitement that surrounded the trip. Though Australia is advertised as having a red center, it was green with the abundant vegetation at first sight.

This book combines colorful commentary with stunning photographs as the author tells of her discovery of the vast and varied country and continent. There are descriptions of the cosmopolitan cities of Melbourne and Sydney as well as the remote wonders of the Northern Territory, such as Uluru, a sacred site of the Pitjantjatjara people, and the Kakadu National Park, famous both for its diverse wildlife and its rock art.

The narrative is punctuated with breathtaking images of touristic moments, fascinating sites, and landscapes. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Finalist, Travel, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards; seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Travel

ISBN: 978-1520435152

How to Survive the Worst That Can Happen: a parent's step-by-step guide to healing after the loss of a child
by Sandy Peckinpah

This book is a parent-to-parent guide to recovering from the loss of a child. With a compassionate approach at its heart, the book has actionable steps to help parents in a time when they feel most helpless.

As a parent who has experienced the loss of a child and as an experienced specialist in grief recovery, the author is equipped to explain the many facets of bereavement. She carefully handles the key concerns: what to expect in the grieving process; coping with fear and anger; helping siblings adjust; and strengthening the marriage. She directs the reader to the promise that parents will regain a quality of life where they feel joy once again.

Foreword by actress Melissa Gilbert

The book is sensitive and every reader who has undergone loss of a family member has something to gain by reading the author’s story.  — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Winner, Self-Help, Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards; Silver Award, Grief/Hardship, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards; Finalist, Death and Dying, USA Best Book Awards; Honorable Mention, Hollywood Book Festival; Honorable Mention, London Book Festival; Honorable Mention, New York Book Festival; Honorable Mention, San Francisco Book Festival; seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Health, Family & Lifestyle

ISBN: 978-1452582269
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