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Here is this week's selection of recommended books from small and independent publishers.
LibraryBub Books December 7
Clarissa and the Poor Relations
by Alicia Cameron

Irresistibly romantic and witty.

In Regency England Mrs Thorne's School for Young Ladies is about to close due to the death of young Clarissa's mother. This leaves 18-year-old Clarissa Thorne and her three schoolmistress friends no option but to return to the bosom of their families as despised 'poor relations' — at everyone's beck and call for all their lives.

But Clarissa has just inherited Ashcroft, and she offers her companions an escape — run away with her to a life of independence…

Meeting the Earl of Grandiston and his companion on the road sets hilarious events in motion…

Also available in a Spanish translation.

Honors: Amazon Best Seller; seen on NBC, ABC and Fox

Category: Romance

ISBN: 978-1523226238

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The Elsewhen Gene
by Gary Bullock

Laura Elizabeth Austin is growing up in a small farming town in Kansas. Already a genius at age eight, she and equally bright Elijah Lucas Grant are very different from other kids, but Laura and Elijah have each other.

Fascinated with science, they seriously discuss the big cosmological questions — the nature of time, black holes, the origin and the destiny of the universe — so the two little prodigies become soulmates.

At the age of 12, on a bicycle ride together, they have their first kiss while debating the nature of time. (Laura claims it doesn’t exist. She may be right.)

They are also troubled by strange visions. Laura sees people who aren’t there. She thinks they are ghosts, but comes to realize that they exist in another universe. She discovers that she can actually step into an alternate universe.

Elijah sees flashes of events that haven’t happened — yet. But he learns to develop this into an unerring sense of the future. As the Red Queen says, “It’s a poor memory that only works backwards.”

They soon learn the future isn’t what it used to be. Neither is the past. But in the eternal present, they have each other, for now.

The lively narrative and likeable characters will keep you engrossed to the end of this very readable book. The Elsewhen Gene is a pleasant, thought provoking work. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC and Fox

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1681024233

When the Clocks Stopped (Book One of the Mysterious Marsh series)
by M. L. Eaton

The long hot summer of 1976. The mysterious Romney Marsh in the south of England.

Hazel Dawkins, a spirited young solicitor, takes maternity leave anticipating a period of tranquillity. Instead, the dreams begin. In them she encounters Annie, a passionate young woman whose romantic and tempestuous life was adventurously lived, more than two centuries previously, in the cottage that Hazel now occupies.

As their destinies entwine, Hazel not only confronts a terrifying challenge which parallels history, she finds herself desperately fighting for survival in a cruel and unforgiving age. Even more disturbing is the realization that her battle will affect the future for those in the past whose fate is, as yet, unwritten.

Her only ally is Annie. Together they face events that echo through the centuries, events that are as violent and compelling as they are unexpected.

And as the past collides with the present, the time for the birth of Hazel’s child draws ever nearer.

Honors: BRAG Medallion; seen on NBC, ABC and Fox

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1495931192

Arms of Grace
by Eleanor Chance

Nurse Grace Ward names the unconscious baby Johnny. No one at the hospital knows where he came from before a young couple abandoned him and disappeared. When Grace meets the precious baby, it's love at first sight. She vows to do what she must to protect him, but can she keep her promise?

Even with an experienced staff treating him, Johnny's life hangs in the balance. As Grace grows more devoted to him, major events threaten their bond and his life. A deadly infection spreads rapidly through the hospital, Johnny's mysterious origins affect his future, and Grace's personal life grows more chaotic. When Johnny's prognosis creates an ideological chasm that leaves the hospital staff on opposing sides, Grace refuses to bow to mounting pressure that could destroy her career, and even her life. She must summon the courage to fight for Johnny, no matter the cost.

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC and Fox

Category: Literature & Fiction


The Elixir of Freedom (Book One of the Light Finder Legends series)
by M. R. Neer

This book is in the new category of visionary fiction, which uses story to paint a vision of a better future.

The journey of the novel's heroes mirrors our own quest to find real solutions to doubt, fear, bad habits, and even the pressure of time. The Elixir of Freedom depicts a powerful experience of light that transforms the characters and their world. Like other visionary fiction books, such as The Chronicles of Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and The Alchemist, it reflects universal human values that stretch us and connect us to something more!

This is a story that warms the heart and, at the same time, it reminds us of the need to appreciate nature. Author M.R. Neer has a vision of the future and it is a beautiful picture. — Readers’ Favorite

seen on NBC, ABC and Fox

Category: Literature & Fiction

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
by Leslie Lynch

Pilot Lannis Parker’s carefully constructed, sterile life is upended when her small plane is hijacked before dawn on a wintry Louisville morning. Her captor does more though than force her to fly him to the Appalachian wilderness. He resurrects memories she’s tried to bury, memories of a brutal attack she’d survived four years earlier, an attack she didn’t report and tries to pretend didn’t happen.

Wounded, and losing strength by the minute, Ben Martin knows he has no choice but to commandeer a plane before he’s set upon by a ruthless band of drug dealers intent on wiping him out, along with the information he’s acquired. He’s horrified to discover the pilot is a woman — but once his plan is launched, there’s no turning back.

During a week in the wilderness, Lannis learns her hijacker is fair and honorable, compassionate and insightful — strange attributes for a criminal. And when he discovers her secret, he vows to be the friend she desperately needs but refuses to accept.

Will she come to terms with her past? And will he be part of her future?

Honors: Finalist, 2013 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Awards; Amazon Best Seller; seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Romance

ISBN: 978-1499535556

Sarah's Smile (Book One of the Daughters of Riverton series)
by Dawn Kinzer

Romance. Heartbreak. Scandal. Secrets. Second chances.

In 1902, Sarah McCall is waiting to leave for the mission field when the man she once loved steps back into her life. Abandoned as a child by her mother and gambler father, she strives to overcome a tarnished history she didn’t create and a heartbreak she can’t forget.

Returning to his Wisconsin hometown a pastor, Peter Caswell is dedicated to his four-year-old daughter and new congregation. But no matter how hard he tries to move on with his life, he can’t forgive himself for his wife’s death.

When Sarah learns that Peter is returning to Riverton, the letter giving her departure date for Africa can’t come soon enough for her. They were best friends — she loved him and supported his dreams — but he married another and broke her heart. Although ten years have passed since he left Riverton, Peter hopes Sarah still cares enough to give him a second chance. But a charming newcomer pursues her affections — and Sarah’s childhood nemesis manipulates her way into Peter’s life. Will Sarah and Peter find their way to forgiveness and each other, or will past mistakes make a life together impossible?

Includes discussion questions for book clubs.

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Romance

Gold in Havilah
by Jean Hoefling

Akliah is a daughter of Adam and Eve who has grown up at the foot of the pristine holy mountain where the Garden of Eden lies. She and Adam's other children know well the story of their parents’ fall from innocence and their banishment from Eden. And they know the prophecy that Cain, their privileged brother, will soon crush the head of the ancient serpent who tempted their parents there.

Fiercely in love with Cain, Akliah is determined to become his wife. But her schemes are shattered when Cain kills his brother, Abel, and abducts her to a barren land east of Eden. In Nod, she grieves her mistakes while Cain spirals into ever-deepening tiers of delusion through his bondage to a beautiful fallen angel. When she finally meets a man who offers a chance for genuine love and redemption, Akliah is torn between an honest confession of her past and her longing to be admired. Against the backdrop of life in a city dedicated to dark powers, Akliah must finally make a life-threatening choice to regain her integrity, or die in the attempt.

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Literature & Fiction

Brave and Funny Memories of WWII by a P-38 Fighter Pilot
by Lyndon Shubert

If you want to know how a young fighter pilot felt in his head and his heart as he was about to fly the enemy skies of the Second World War, this book is for you. Always afraid he was about to die, he climbed into the cockpit anyway... and lived to tell you about it.

How would you feel if you were a new guy in the sky... attacked by four Messerschmitts?

Let me tell you, no matter how much you prepare, no matter how much you read, how much you train, no matter how much you think of yourself as a 'Hot Shot Pilot', you are never ready for life and death combat!

How did it feel to say a 'last goodbye' to your bride believing you would never see her again, as you left to fight in the Second World War?

With Brave and Funny Memories of WWII by a P-38 Fighter Pilot, Lyndon Shubert paints a sharp and poignant picture of aerial warfare over Germany. His writing style is easy to read, with great narrative and often humorous dialogue, making me want to turn the page. Much is left unsaid, which is regrettable, as Shubert could have turned his book into a great wartime saga. Nevertheless, his amusing anecdotes helped cover what was a bloody and brutal business. A worthwhile read. — Readers' Favorite 

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN: 978-0983576105
Jorge and the Lost Cookie Jar
by Marta Arroyo

It's moving day. After a long morning of chores and unpacking, Jorge and his family — brother, sisters, mom and dad, and grandparents — have eaten a quick lunch, then gone back to emptying boxes. Soon Jorge is ready for a cookie break. But where is the cookie jar? Jorge sets out with his faithful cat companion to find this family treasure, and the cookies he hopes it contains.

Checking with family members one by one, he conducts a thorough search of the new house. Jorge finally finds the cookie jar and discovers how it got to be in its surprising location. The story ends joyously — with cookies!

This illustrated story contains a sprinkling of Spanish words and short phrases, which appear in blue. For help pronouncing them, or understanding what they mean, a glossary is provided. Also at the back of the book is a map — children will enjoy retracing Jorge's journey through the house as he searches for the cookie jar.

Honors: #1 New Release on Amazon; seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Children's

ISBN:  978-0997003239

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