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Here is this week's selection of recommended books from small and independent publishers.
LibraryBub Books October 19
The Geometry of Love
by Jessica Levine

Are security and passion mutually exclusive? Is betrayal ever justified? Can one be fully creative — in art or life — without the inspiration of erotic love? These are the questions asked in The Geometry of Love, a novel set in New York in the 1980s, then Northern California 20 years later. Julia, a poet with writer’s block, attempts to choose between Ben, a professor at Princeton whom she sees as good husband material, and Michael, an emotionally vulnerable composer who is her muse but also a destabilizing influence.

Reasoning that Michael is too wounded to make a commitment, Julia turns her triangular situation into a square by setting him up with a cousin. In the process she discovers, as Pascal once said, that the heart has its reasons that reason does not know. This deeply psychological tale explores the assumptions and fantasies that determine romantic choices as the narrative takes us from one decision in the 1980s to an opportunity to reverse it in the 21st century.

Honors: Top 10 Women's Fiction, Booklist, 2015; seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1938314629

Frances Donaldson: A Woman's War: 
letters to a soldier in the Second World War
by Rose Deakin

My mother, Frances Donaldson, wrote several best-selling biographies, King Edward VIII and P.G. Wodehouse being two of her famous subjects, and I felt it was time for a biography of her. A Woman’s War is that.

Daughter of playwright Frederick Lonsdale, she moved in 1930s society until she met my father, a committed socialist with ideals. It intrigued me to try to find out, reading her letters, how she became a serious war-worker and farmer, fighting to produce food for the nation while surviving the catastrophe of war and, with 2,000 miles between them, trying to realize a decent life for when my father returned.

With her soldier husband far away and two young children to care for, she bought a farm in Warwickshire and determined to live off it, although she had no money for stock and machinery.

She learned to farm, battling with the antagonism of the men she was trying to manage. She triumphed and became a farming ‘name’.

Although the book covers only the war years in depth, her full character and potential are revealed in the struggle. Brief sketches of their lives before and after the war set the scene. A moving must-read of feminism two generations before its time.

Honors: seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Biography

Chronicles of Drenyon: The Golden Sword
by N.L.J.

In the land of Drenyon... There is a maiden who is so desperately lonely that she befriends a frightful-looking tree that lives outside her village. Her name is Anya. Her tree is enchanted, and every day she listens to its strange and troubling fables, unaware that they are prophecies in disguise. One day, she returns home from visiting the tree and the first of the fables comes to life, causing her entire village to burn to the ground. 

Now it's up to Anya to use the other fables to save the rest of her kingdom from the same destruction. And according to these fables, there is only one weapon that has the power to save her people: The Golden Sword.

The Golden Sword is a wonderful read for preteen girls and boys alike, with plenty of action, adventure, and other worldly events to keep them enthralled from the very beginning. — Readers' Favorite

Honors: seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1943164813
Snowman Paul Saves Kate's Birthday (Book Three of the Snowman Paul series)
by Yossi Lapid

Dan gets into big trouble when he 'accidentally' eats his sister's birthday cake. But having a good friend like Snowman Paul for support sure helps! Can Snowman Paul help Dan save Kate's special day?

Written in rhyme, this book is perfect for beginner readers and bedtime stories. Filled with humor and heart, the story touches upon serious themes such as friendship, family relationships and ethical values. 

Charming illustrations complement the narrative and bring the story alive.

Children will fall in love with Snowman Paul! He is energetic and playful, he has big dreams and he is not afraid to be different.

Grab your copy and join Snowman Paul and Dan in this amazing birthday celebration adventure!

Yossi Lapid’s… picture books… are delightful little fantasy stories told in rhyming verse. The illustrations are spectacular and certainly help carry along each story. — Readers' Favorite 

Honors:  Moonbeam Award; Indie BRAG Medallion; seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Children's

ISBN: 978-0997389944
Rabbits and Rats, Birds and Seeds, Cactus and Trees: plants and animals at work in El Pinacate, Sonoran Desert, Mexico
by Paul Dayton

This book tells the fascinating story of life in the desert as seen through the eyes of Renaldo, a tortoise, who has observed the weather, plants and animals in the highly diverse Sonoran Desert for many years.

Photos, drawings and Renaldo’s clear explanations help readers of all ages and backgrounds understand and enjoy what they see in the desert.

• Why is that packrat nest surrounded by a mess of sharp-spined cactus ‘buds’?
• Why is this saguaro cactus standing all alone, while that one over there seems to be ‘embraced’ by a tree?
• Why do some ocotillo plants have a few long stems reaching straight up, while other ocotillos are ‘bushy’ with many short stems?
• What killed the cactuses whose woody ‘skeletons’ we see stretched out on the ground?
• Why are grasses and small flowering plants dotted over the landscape in patches, as if they were planted in small gardens? And what does that have to do with jackrabbit boxing matches?

Find the fascinating answers to these and other questions in this book. Spanish-language edition also available (Liebres y Ratas, Aves y Semillas, Cactos y Árboles).

Honors: Amazon Category #1 New Release, Outdoors and Nature; seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Science

ISBN: 978-0997003215

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
In the Shadow of Lies (an Oliver Wright mystery)
by M. A. Adler

Richmond, California. World War II. Homicide detective Oliver Wright comes home from the war in the Pacific injured and afraid his career is over. But when an Italian prisoner of war is murdered the night the Port Chicago Mutiny verdicts are announced, and black soldiers are suspected of the crime, the Army asks Oliver to find out the truth.

He joins forces with an Italian POW captain and with a black MP embittered by a segregated military. During their investigation, these unlikely allies expose layers of deceit and violence that stretch back to World War I. 

In the Shadow of Lies reveals the darkness and turmoil of the Bay Area during World War II, while celebrating the spirit of the everyday people who made up the home front. Its intriguing characters will resonate with the reader long after its deftly intertwined mysteries are solved..

This book is a marvelous mix of history and police procedural, with characters who are well defined and vibrant, and an original and suspenseful story-line that does not disappoint. — Readers' Favorite

Honors: Independent Publisher Book Awards 2015 (IPPY): Gold Medal Winner - Best West Pacific Regional Fiction; Foreword Review’s Book of the Year 2014 — IndieFab Awards Finalist: Mystery; Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards — First Place, Mystery/ Thriller/Suspense/Horror; First Place Award West-Pacific Regional; Jack Eadon Award for Best Book in Contemporary Drama; Hollywood Book Festival: Honorable Mention; seen on NBC and Fox 

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1938314827

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The Chosen Few
by Michael John Sheehan

A forbidden tower. Curious students. Disturbing discoveries. Every boarding school has its secrets… Senior Jack Hayes has a history of breaking the rules at St. Paul’s Catholic high school seminary, putting him squarely in the crosshairs of Father Lawrence 'Spider' Webb, the tyrannical Dean of Students. While exploring the school’s bell tower, Jack and his best friend stumble upon troubling evidence of possible heinous crimes. Unsure what to do, the two boys encounter a mysterious, reclusive old priest late one night who provides cryptic clues that help them uncover long-kept secrets about St. Paul’s and Father Webb.

Even more shocking, their search for the truth leads to devastating consequences that threaten the school’s very existence. Get your copy now to experience this religious mystery/emotional coming-of-age tale of young men studying for the priesthood at a Catholic seminary in the 1970s, and their quest to graduate, compete for a soccer championship, and unravel a life-changing mystery.

Honors: seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-0998500409

Children of the Future
by Jane Suen

Where are the missing children?

A small yellow school bus pulls up in front of the little red brick schoolhouse. Telly, the bus driver, discovers all of the children are missing — all except one very frightened boy, Billy, who has hidden in a cabinet. Where is everyone? Telly and Billy are determined to find the answers.

The little town of Rocky Flats is stirred into a frenzy. Nothing like this has ever happened before! Where have the children gone? Why? As the clock ticks and the little town rallies together in the search, will they find the children before it's too late?

The story is refreshingly original and the detailed narration will take readers right there where it is happening. — Readers' Favorite

Honors: named by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group as one of the best indie books of 2017; 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist: Novella; 2017 Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention: Children-Social Issues; 2017 Silver Falchion Award Finalist: Best Fiction Tween/YA Mystery/Thriller); seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-0997929706

Tovi the Penguin Goes on a Treasure Hunt in Paris
by Janina Rossiter

Tovi and his friends are visiting the beautiful city of Paris.
All of a sudden Tovi falls deeply in love with someone on a poster. He wants to meet her!

But he doesn't know where to find her. Luckily his friends help him by leading him on a treasure hunt.

What an adventure! Will Tovi find his treasure? Let’s find out.

Well-written and descriptive — Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite five stars; series seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Children's


Adventures in Dietland: how to win at the game of dieting from a former fat guy
by Ralph Peterson

50 rules everyone needs to know to win at the game of dieting:
Pee in the woods… Burn your fat clothes… Stop supporting the troops… Quit the gym… Get new friends… and for the love of God, stay off the grass. If you’ve tried every diet that you could get your hands on with little or no success, then this book is for you.

Ralph Peterson has tried them all: Atkins, Herbalife, Nutrisystem, South Beach, the Paleo Diet, Jenny Craig, Body for Life, the Grapefruit Diet, the Blood Type Diet, the 4-Hour Body and Weight Watchers, just to name a few. Through it all Ralph has seen his weight yo-yo from 350lbs to 280lbs and back again. Adventures in Dietland is a synopsis of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to diet plans and includes 50 rules for successful dieting. These rules have helped Ralph lose more than 150lbs, and will help you lose weight, regardless of the diet plan you are following.

Honors: seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Self-Help

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