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Here is this week's selection of recommended books from small and independent publishers.
LibraryBub Books September 21
Jack of Hearts (Book Seven of the Detective Jack Stratton series)
by Christopher Greyson

Jack Stratton is heading south for some fun in the sun. Already nervous about introducing his girlfriend, Alice, to his parents, the last thing Jack needed was for the dog-sitter to cancel, forcing him to bring Lady, their 120 lb. King Shepherd, on the plane with them. The dog holds Jack responsible and wants payback. On top of everything, Jack is still waiting for Alice’s answer to his marriage proposal. When his mother and the members of her neighborhood book club ask him to catch the Orange Blossom Cove Bandit, a small-time thief who’s stealing garden gnomes and peace of mind from their quiet retirement community, how can Jack refuse?

The peculiar mystery proves to be more than it appears. Things take a deadly turn as Jack finds it's up to him to stop a crazed killer, save his parents, and win the hand of the girl he loves — but if he survives, will it be Jack who ends up with a broken heart? Jack of Hearts is part of a series which has more than 5,000 five-star reviews and more than a million readers and counting. If you love a page-turning thriller with mystery, humor, and a dash of romance, pick up Jack of Hearts today.

A mystery with a sharp protagonist whose appeal is matched by that of the characters surrounding him — Kirkus

Honors: Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author; seen on NBC and CBS

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1683990734

The Timekeeper's Son
by Sara Baker

A community icon vital to a troubled Georgia town is left comatose by an impaired 17-year-old driver and thus begins this tale that underscores how a single tragic moment can send ripples of change through the lives and futures of those at the scene, their families and friends, and even those they've yet to meet. Set against the backdrop of the fraying social net of the New South, this coming-of-age story depicts with equal sympathy youthful dreams and middle-age regrets.

It explores themes of grief and forgiveness, isolation and connection, masks and disguises, all while depicting its characters’ lives with tender intimacy. With the precision of a clockmaker, Sara Baker has set into place the gears that move her characters from an horrific incident, through the inevitable mazes that follow, to the satisfying ending of a father-son story framed by loss and recovery. Written with a poet’s sensibility to language and imagery, and with impeccable pacing and elements of both the thriller and magical realism, this is a singular novel not to be missed.

An absorbing and deliberately composed tale about reactions to trauma  — Kirkus

Honors: seen on NBC and CBS

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1944193560

Why They Stay: sex scandals, deals, and hidden agendas of nine political wives
by Anne Michaud

This work of literary nonfiction explores the reasoning and motivation of wives who stay with their politician-husbands after they cheat. Why They Stay offers deeply intuitive, exactingly researched profiles of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Valerie Hobson, Marion Stein, Hillary Clinton, Silda Spitzer, Wendy Vitter, Gila Katsav and Huma Abedin. Looking back on the path chosen by these political wives, we have the evidence to see a pattern as old as the dynastic maneuverings of England's medieval queens.

The women married to the 'royalty' of our times, politicians, make similar cold calculations in order to hold onto their 'thrones' and their family's history-making potential.

It's about time that a book such as Why They Stay should appear to comment on the wives of politicians and why they remain in place despite reports of infidelity and bad behaviors. Not only does this apply to the highest political offices past and present, but its message and analysis will reach many a marriage where friends may wonder about the reasons why a wife stays in the home after misconduct is uncovered. It's a gripping production especially recommended for any interested in women's issues and political scandals and their aftermath. — D. Donovan for Midwest Book Review

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Biography

ISBN: 978-0997663310
The Pirate's Booty (Book One of the Inventor-in-Training series)
by D. M. Darroch

A parallel universe, a pirate ship, a talking bird, and one seriously eccentric captain.

After a laboratory mishap, inventor-in-training Angus Clark finds himself aboard the Fearsome Flea. The pirate crew mistakes the middle schooler for his alter ego, a dirty, rude cannon boy. Clever Angus must face a sea battle and a nasty mutineer, and walk the plank.

Will the scientific Angus survive life on the leaky Fearsome Flea? Why is Maniacal Marge out to get him? Will he ever return to his own world? And can his mother endure the mischievous pirate who now lives under her roof? Helped by a sassy, body-jumping macaw and a fastidious, cookie-baking pirate captain, Angus uses his ingenuity and trusty screwdriver to set the worlds right.

The Pirate's Booty begins the story of Angus Clark, a middle schooler striving to be an inventor. While working on his latest invention, Angus accidentally transports himself to a parallel universe where pirates still terrorize the waters. Along the way, he discovers that his most loyal friend may very well be that annoying girl in his math class.

The author introduces the Inventor-in-Training trilogy with smoke and a sizzle. Breakneck pacing, lighthearted humor, and two overlapping storylines will delight quick-witted readers looking for an adventurous good time.

...a refreshing change of pace...demands a slightly higher reading comprehension level and introduces scientifically challenging vocabulary... The science in this book is fantastic and any science-loving child will relish what the author has to say on the subject of theoretical physics and chemistry. — Illinois Review

Honors: seen on NBC and CBS

Category: Children's

ISBN: 978-1890797065
My Snowman Paul (Book One of the Snowman Paul series)
by Yossi Lapid

A friendly snowman named Paul makes a terrific pal for a fun-seeking little boy named Dan. Together, they engage in exciting adventures and make big dreams happen! 

Written in rhymes, this award-winning book is perfect for beginner readers and bedtime stories. Charming illustrations complement the narrative and bring the stories alive. Children will fall in love with Snowman Paul! He is energetic and playful, he has big dreams and he is not afraid to be different. 

Pick up your copy and join Snowman Paul and Dan in their imaginative and whimsical adventures!

The perfect winter story selection! — Reader's Favorite

Honors: Mom's Choice Award (Gold); 2016 Moonbeam Best Picture Book Series Award (Silver); B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree; KDP Select All Star; seen on NBC and CBS

Category: Children's


In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
The Success Initiative (Book One in the Project: Limitless series)
by R. J. Tolson

The motivational and inspirational 'Start Guide' to unleashing your potential, crumbling the boundaries around you, enhancing creativity, innovation, consciousness and thought, and achieving revolutionary success at any age or status of life is here! 24-year-old multilingual CEO, international charity founder, award-winning novelist, composer and lyricist R.J. Tolson's innate ability in consistently imagining and creating, combined with his knowledge and experience, deliver this self-help guide to developing practical success skills for life.

It doesn’t matter whether you're in education, politics, technical, professional or health fields; a small business, entrepreneurship or homemaker; teen, young adult or adult. If you seek happiness, greater self-esteem, personal success or self-improvement, or simply desire to enhance how you manage your business life, money, investing and personal finance, you don’t need to be a genius or have a massive amount of money to take your first step into the pool of true success. Drawing on his experience as a CEO of an international multi-divisional company, a successful novelist and international speaker, all of which he achieved before the age of 20, Tolson masterfully delivers how to plan and innovate, harness your latent potential, get ahead of the global competition, materialize your ambitions, make money, and more!

View trailer here.

Some of the tools that author R.J. Tolson provides in Project: Limitless, Volume 1 include proper planning and innovating through new processes that can better streamline your business. If you are able to plan and implement the right goals, then you will not only be able to make money, but you will also become successful in all you chose to accomplish in life. — Readers' Favorite

Honors: 2015 National Indie Excellence Non-Fiction Motivational Finalist; seen on NBC and CBS

Category: Self Help

ISBN: 978-0990329909

Born with Wings: the immortal life of Piu Piu (Book One in the Dance Between Worlds series)
by Bianca Gubalke

Have we lived before? This modern fairy tale explores the mystery of our connectedness — here and in the ethereal world.

Born with wings, yet, ironically, unable to fly and feeling abandoned, the brave heroine of this story transforms her life in her burning quest to belong.

Set in the mystical landscape of the Western Cape coast of South Africa — between Nature's paradise and a ruthless world — the touching, hilarious, wildly romantic human-animal relationships in this magical tale awaken a sense of mindfulness and guardianship for the Earth that will leave you inspired and longing for more.

Poignant, funny, and beautifully written, Bianca Gubalke’s debut novel of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and personal transformation amazes readers with its unique twist to the ‘fear to faith’ theme, and sparkles with witty animals that talk in the tradition of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Little Prince.

A brilliant 5 Star novel destined to brighten the Silver Screen as a
Classic Literary Creation!
— Reader's Favorite

Honors: seen on NBC and CBS

Category: Young Adult

ISBN: 978-0620714914

The Band 4: the air we breathe
by Marguerite Nardone Gruen

This is the story of Chase Martin who is a quarter of the biggest band on the planet. He is in turmoil because he wants to leave the band. Marguerite Angeli is on a holiday in London having just escaped turmoil in her own life — finally free from feeling hostage to her strict Italian parents.

She meets Chase by accident in a coffee shop in London.
This is their story about his life being on the road all the time while trying to keep his life at home as normal as he can.

It also has a supernatural twist to it. The couple can feel each other’s emotions — no matter how far away he is touring — and this creates an unbreakable bond between them.

A whimsical, if unbelievable, romantic fantasy about a celebrity couple. — Kirkus

Honors: seen on NBC and CBS

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1460283547

Kings of Memphis: Elvis and Tutankhamen
by Carolyn Reynolds

Kings of Memphis is a strange and truly wondrous trip that begins 3,400 years ago when Tutankhamen was king.

The facts are carefully researched in this 60,000-word novel of two kings and the worlds that loved them.

Kings of Memphis
begins when ancient, detailed and exacting instructions of Tut’s carpenters were inadvertently reversed. The doors of King Tut’s shrine should have opened to the west so he could emerge and walk directly into the afterlife. Instead, on February 16, 1923 the doors opened to the east and the unthinkable happened. The shadowy young Pharaoh Tutankhamen began his walk not into the other world but rather this world.

In 1923 the famous Curse of Tutankhamen was unleashed until 1935 when the misfortunes appeared to have stopped, the year the new King of Memphis, Elvis Presley, was born.

Honors: Amazon Best Seller; seen on NBC and CBS

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1456591038

A More Prosperous Planet: the new formula for a prosperous global economy
by Felipe Tudela

If you have ever asked yourself why some countries are wealthier than others, you’ll find the final answer in A More Prosperous Planet. This book explains the simple formula along with the three vital elements that must be present for a nation to become wealthy, and why they must also be present for you to attain prosperity.

The result is an eye-opening discovery that creates a profound understanding of the meaning of freedom, the current conditions of societies, and the path to more enlightened and robust economies.

Honors: Amazon #1 Best Seller; seen on NBC and CBS

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-0692804452

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