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Below are this week's recommendations of our indie & small-press books.
LibraryBub Books July 20
When Fall Fades (Book One of the Girl Next Door series) 
by Amy Leigh Simpson

When Sadie Carson’s elderly neighbor Charlie, a brilliant conspiracy nut known for harassing the FBI, is murdered, Sadie suspects Charlie might've been onto something and intends to make sure someone solves the mystery of her friend's death, even if it's her. 

She may have found the victim's body, but FBI Special Agent Archer Hayes has no intention of letting some nosy civilian interfere with his investigation. The guilt he feels is bad enough. The last thing Archer needs is another distraction to haunt him. Especially one as beautiful and beguiling as the girl next door.

But when the case takes a puzzling turn toward a decades old conspiracy cover-up only the victim's closest confidant can help untangle. Sadie and Archer reluctantly join forces to decode the riddle of secrets Charlie carried to his grave. Or did he? Someone is after a dangerous truth. And when the dangers of the past and present collide Archer must fight to save the life of the woman he's falling for.... only to discover he might be the one in need of saving.

A story of suspense and murder, but also of love and romance — Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Amazon bestseller; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Romance, Mystery & Suspense

ISBN: 978-1942266297

Failure of Justice: a brutal murder, an obsessed cop, six wrongful convictions  
by John Ferak 

Everyone felt the same way: small-town Nebraska widow Helen Wilson didn't have an ounce of meanness inside her body. Then on February 5, 1985, one of the coldest nights on record, the unthinkable happened. The 68-year-old resident was murdered inside her second-floor apartment, but why?

The crime went unsolved for four years — then came the unthinkable. A total of six people, three men and three women, were arrested and charged with the widow's rape murder. All six went to prison. The town was relieved knowing that six monsters were locked away from society for the ghastly crime. The town moved on, convinced that justice was served.

For nearly twenty years, the Beatrice 6 rotted in prison, until the unthinkable occurred in 2008. Now, the red state in America's Heartland faced a real quandary that could only mean one thing: Nebraska had a colossal FAILURE OF JUSTICE on its hands.

A solid and intriguing read — Charity Tober for Readers’ Favorite

Category: Mystery, Thriller and Suspense

Honors: Amazon bestseller; seen on ABC and Fox

ISBN: 978-1942266471

Crevice (Book One of the Earth Hunters series)
by Janice Boekhoff

Desperate to save her family’s gold mine, Elery Hearst gives an order that results in the tragic death of one of her men. But before she can come to terms with the guilt consuming her, her brother disappears. To find him, she must find the legendary Lost Dutchman gold mine. 

The one person who can help, Lucan Milner, has every reason to want her to fail; he’s the twin brother of the miner who died. He holds the secret to finding Elery’s brother, but sharing it with her not only rips open his grief-stricken heart, it puts both of them in the path of a killer.

Category: Mystery, Thriller and Suspense

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

ISBN: 978-1942266549

Give Up the Dead (Book Three of the Jay Porter series)
by Joe Clifford 

Three years have passed since estate-clearing handyman Jay Porter almost lost his life following a devastating accident on the thin ice of Echo Lake. His investigative work uncovering a kids-for-cash scandal may have made his hometown of Ashton, New Hampshire, a safer place, but nothing comes without a price. 

The traumatic, uncredited events cost Jay his wife and his son, and left him with a permanent leg injury. Jay is just putting his life back together when a mysterious stranger stops by with an offer too good to be true: a large sum of cash in exchange for finding a missing teenage boy who may have been abducted by a radical recovery group in the northern New Hampshire wilds. Skeptical of gift horses and weary of reenlisting in the local drug war, Jay passes on the offer. The next day his boss is found beaten and left for dead, painting Jay the main suspect. As clues begin to tie the two cases together, Jay finds himself back on the job and back in the line of fire.

Clifford understands human potential for moral collapse and redemption, and his lean, gritty prose never lets characters or readers off the hook —Publishers Weekly

Category: Mystery, Thriller and Suspense

Honors: 2015 Anthony Award Nominee for Best Mystery Novel, Amazon bestseller; seen on ABC and Fox


The Un-death of Me: life of an Asian American Woman 
by Alicia Su Lozeron

The Un-death of Me tells a life account of an immigrant American woman. Avery Mingli Liang emigrated from Taipei to New York City circa 1990 attending Columbia University as an English Literature major. Her accent and looks exposed her to extreme discrimination, stereotyping, and insensitivity. She was unable to feel any level of self-worth, accomplishment, fulfillment, or true human connection.

Avery struggled to create her own identity, and to escape the trappings of what a traditional woman and wife should be. Her life journey took her all over the world to witness intricate engagements, and to observe scandalous incidents of both the high and the low societies. Her second husband, Abbey Lori, brought a fresh breath of air to her life. Now her quest for happiness had an anchor, and she had yet to find out what prices she had to pay for her life to be fulfilled and realized.

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Contemporary Fiction

ISBN: 978-0998194127

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
by John J. Nance 

Over the Atlantic in the dark of night, the electronic brain of Pangia Airlines Flight 10 quietly and without warning disconnects all cockpit controls and reverses course on its own. The crew of the huge Airbus 330 at first sense nothing, the flight displays still showing them on course to New York.

With furious messaging flying between Washington and Tel Aviv where the flight began, the growing fear that Flight 10 may be hijacked is fueled by the presence of a feared and hated former head of state sitting in first class, a man with an extreme Mid East agenda who may somehow be responsible for the Airbus A-330's loss of control.

As time and fuel runs low, the captain risks everything to wrest control from the electronic ghost holding them on a course to certain disaster.

As the war room in Tel Aviv is called, the interim Prime Minister of Israel grapples with a horrifying choice in the balance between 300 airborne lives and the probability of nuclear war.

Honors: Amazon bestseller; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense 

ISBN: 978-1942266600

Betrayal in Blue: the shocking memoir of the scandal that rocked the NYPD 
by Burl Barer, Frank C. Girardot Jr. and Ken Eurell 

NYPD officers Mike Dowd and Kenny Eurell knew there were two ways to get rich quick in Brooklyn's Lower East Side. You either became drug dealers, or you robbed drug dealers. They decided to do both.

Dowd and Eurell ran the most powerful gang in New York’s dangerous 75th Precinct, the crack cocaine capital of 1980s America. These “ Cocaine Cops” formed a lucrative alliance with Adam Diaz, the kingpin of an ever-expanding Dominican drug cartel. “The biggest police scandal in New York history” exploded into the headlines with the arrest of Mike, Ken, and their fellow crooked cops. Released on bail, Mike offered Ken a long shot at escape to Central America — a bizarre plan involving robbery, kidnapping, and murder — forcing Ken to choose between two forms of betrayal.

Adapted from Ken Eurell's shocking personal memoir, plus hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews with the major players, including former international drug lord, Adam Diaz, and Dori Eurell. Edgar Award winner Burl Barer once again teams with award-winning journalist Frank C. Girardot, Jr, and Eurell to bring you an astonishing story of greed and betrayal.

An engrossing read Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Amazon bestseller; Readers' Favorite five stars; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Biographies & Memoirs, True Crime

ISBN: 978-1942266747

Rapture at Midnight (Book One of the Cynn Cruors Bloodline series)
by Isobelle Cate

Finn Qualtrough, a Cynn Cruor warrior, is on a mission to find leader of the Scatha Cruor, Dac Valerian. When he pursues three Scatha warriors who can lead him to Dac, he discovers a woman who awakens a desire within him to claim her as his own.

Eirene Spence, an insomniac and computer genius has a penchant for midnight walks in the park. When the Scatha Cruor sees her, she is saved when a handsome stranger rescues her. His touch ignites a hunger inside her that only he can satisfy. By a twist of fate, Eirene’s client is Dac Valerian. She can lead Finn — and the rest of the Cynn Cruor — to Dac’s lair. Now Dac wants her dead.

Finn must fulfill his mission while trying to keep Eirene alive. With Valerian after Eirene, nothing is certain, not even her place in Finn’s life.

There is a-growing war between the Cynn Cruor and the Scatha Cruor: two breeds of immortal warriors who carry human, vampire, and werewolf blood. The Cynn Cruor wants to live in harmony with the human race. The Scatha Cruor wants to enslave them. It’s time to start preparing for battle.

Honors: Winner, Inner Goddess Best Paranormal Romance 2013; Amazon bestseller; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1523798568
Conductor: the heart & soul of the railroad 
by Robert L. Bryan

This is the story of one of the more fabled occupations in America — the railroad conductor. 

This book traces the origin of the railroad and the occupation as well as the conductor as a subject of folklore and the media. 

Additionally, the pathways to a career as a conductor are fully explored.

Honors: Amazon bestseller; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Railroads

ISBN: 978-1520411521 
How to Succeed in Business: own your worth and attract money (Volume One)  
by Marcelle della Faille  

In How to Succeed in Business, prosperity responds to a new way of living and acting: attracting money by owning our own worth. Thanks to this work by Marcelle della Faille, our look at money changes radically and appears as an instrument of personal progress and expression of one’s potential. The spiritual value of money is explained, that through which it is possible to take care of oneself and others. Money is a source of success as soon as it is appreciated as an art of connecting with people.

Through practical cases and didactic exercises, Marcelle della Faille opens the path of 'spiritual entrepreneurship' to live a dream life: it is possible to attract money while running the most fulfilling activity. This book is a practical and energizing tool that allows to express the potential of each one and to find the answers to these questions in oneself.

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Personal Success

ISBN: 978-1540522191 
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