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Below are this week's recommendations of our indie & small-press books.
LibraryBub Books June 22
The Adventures of Flapjack: The Collar of Courage 
by Dan Cohen 

Continuing a desire to present issues that children typically encounter, The Adventures of Flapjack – Collar of Courage has Flapjack facing a bully and dealing with bruised self-esteem. 

Perhaps a “magical” collar will come to the rescue?

A fun way for kids to learn about the power of positive thinking ― Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite five stars; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Children's

ISBN: 978-1457525209

An Unforgivable Secret (Book One of the Amish Secrets series)  
by J. E. B. Spredemann  

Hannah has a good life. A beautiful home, a loving husband, and a wonderful Amish community are only a few of her daily blessings.

But she has carried a heavy burden for years: a secret that no one must know. 

When tragedy strikes, her secret threatens to be revealed, jeopardizing everything she's ever loved. 

Will Hannah be able to face her greatest fear and find God's purpose for her life? 

An intriguing, interesting, and sometimes heartbreaking story ― Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Silver Medal and five stars; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Christian Fiction

ISBN: 978-1940492018

Dear Maude (Book One of the Dear Maude trilogy)
by Denise Liebig 

What would you do for a college scholarship? 

Emily Stanton is about to find out. After she received a full-ride to a university in New York, she thought her future was set. 

Four years later, however, Emily learns the true cost of her free education when she is required to work for the mysterious corporation that funded her schooling — this is where her problems begin. 

Armed with a sense of responsibility and a journal she addresses to her deceased aunt, Maude, Emily ventures into a world that most people find only in books. But she is not alone. When a romance leads her to question the motives of those around her, Emily must discover where her true loyalties lie and whether an unknown past might be her only hope for a future.

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Time Travel Romance

ISBN: 978-1543024968

Mirror of Stone
by Corie J. Weaver 

On the frontier moon of Travbon, sixteen-year-old Eleanor Weber stumbles into a decades-old government conspiracy and is forced to run to survive. 

Guardsman Adam Cole is sent to retrieve her, but the strangeness of his orders impels him to investigate further. 

Adam and Eleanor must join forces and race to expose a secret hidden for two generations and prevent impending genocide.

A believably crafted alternate world populated by dramatic and refreshing characters brings intensity to this sci-fi journey ― Foreword

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Science Fiction


Focus on LinkedIn (Book Seven in the Professional Business series) 
by Richard G. Lowe Jr 

You can continue to ignore the power of LinkedIn and by doing so pass up on countless qualified leads from clients or employers, or you can learn how to write your own LinkedIn profile from an expert with 35 years of experience.

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943517213
In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
December Boys (Book Two in the Jay Porter series)
by Joe Clifford 

Jay Porter, the newest employee at NorthEastern Insurance in New Hampshire, is investigating an accident claim when he learns the teenager behind the wheel was arrested for minor drug possession and sentenced to a hardcore behavioral modification center. 

At the county courthouse, Jay meets Nicki, a young college intern, who tips him off to a possible scandal — first-time juvenile offenders being shipped to private institutions for political kickbacks. He learns that long-time family nemeses, Adam and Michael Lombardi, may have a stake in the scheme. 

Is Jay's mission to help these kids a legitimate crusade? Or is his thirst for revenge driven by the guilt he feels over his own junkie brother's death? These questions conspire to tear apart tranquility and drive a wedge between Jay and his wife Jenny. With help from new friend Nicki, and a couple of old friends, Jay finds himself thrust back into a past he had hoped to leave behind, putting everything — and everyone he loves — at risk in pursuit of the truth.

Clifford has written a very human tale of redemption. — Publishers Weekly

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

ISBN: 978-1608091713
Coyote's Daughter (New Legends of the Southwest) 
by Corie J. Weaver 

Trapped in a world where the legends of Tewa mythology walk free, a young girl must solve an ancient mystery in order to return to her own world. It is the beginning of summer, and twelve-year-old Maggie is angry about her family's move from San Diego to Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Lonely and resentful at her new circumstances, Maggie and her dog Jack explore their new neighborhood and soon find the shady trail leading up to the Rio Grande. While playing by the river, Jack startles a strange young boy, Ash. Maggie is slowly drawn away from the real world of her family and into Ash's land, one populated by myths and legends. 

Threatening all is Shriveled Corn Man, a powerful sorcerer in search of vengeance for wrongs long past. Guided by the trickster Coyote and the cryptic Spider Old Woman, Maggie and Jack must travel across Ash's world in order to free their new friend and his people.

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1940924007
A Different Joy: the parents' guide to living better with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and more... 
by Sarah-Jane Critchley 

Delight in the company of your amazing child, secure in the knowledge that you know what you need to help you support them into an independent future where they can feel happy and fulfilled.

Are you worried, fearing for your child's future, knowing how very vulnerable they can be? Are you scared of diagnosis, alarmed by terrifying visions of what their future might be and frustrated by judgemental family and friends who don't understand how hard it can be? Are you exhausted by coping, unsure how to help them best and paralysed by your own uncertainty? 

Discover how to be a stronger, better informed and more joyful parent, whatever your situation. Revel in the things that make your child different whilst developing supportive and helpful relationships with your child's educators. Build an enviable future together with your child. 

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Special Needs

ISBN: 978-0993255144

Raising Kids with Love, Honor, and Respect: recipes for success
by Edie Jones 

This award-winning book, written to be a manual for parents and educators, is full of down to earth, basic ideas. 

Each chapter stands alone as a guide to enhance relationships with your children, no matter their age. 

Instead of "walking on egg shells" in fear of making a mistake, you will learn to adjust the temperature of the situation to result in calm, relaxed interactions. 

When relationships are seasoned with unconditional love and peppered with lots of honor and respect, the results will amaze and delight. It is a book that will retain its value from year to year as your kids grow and develop and situations change.

An insightful book to read about parenting — Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite

Honors: Gold Award for the Family/Parenting division of the 2015 Living Now Book Awards; first place in the Parenting & Family category of the 2016 Best Book Awards; Silver Award in the 2017 Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY) Parents division; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Parenting

ISBN: 978-1629012162

The Cats who Crossed Over from Paris (Book One of the Inca Cat series)
by R.F. Kristi 

Inca, a Siberian puss, tells the story about her furry family – her brother Fromage, who is addicted to cheese and considers himself a cheesemonger, and her sister, Cara, a gorgeous but timid Siamese. Inca, an avid fan of Dr. House, considers herself the leader of the troupe and responsible for the well-being of the family. They own, according to Inca, Missy, a young humanoid who has a well-established cheese shop in Paris. The story revolves around how Missy decides to move to London with her co-partners, Jacques and Genevieve, to run their new cheese shop and café. Can Fromage leave his pal, Charlotte, behind? Soon after arriving in London, the three cats accompany Missy to their neighbor’s house where they meet Monk, a blue Russian cat and Terrance, a golden retriever owned by their famous neighbor, a detective named Solo, living in the same compound in Kensington.

Things start to get interesting when Monk tries to help their neighbor, Polo, a sad little Pekinese whose mistress, a formerly well-known opera singer who is pining for her lost husband, has her valuable diamond necklace stolen. Can Inca and her family assist Monk and Terrance to recover the diamond necklace and resolve Polo’s problems?

Honors: Silver Medal, Wishing Shelf Book Awards; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Children's Book

ISBN: 978-1483584799

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