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Below are this week's recommendations of our indie & small-press books.
LibraryBub Books June 8
Welcome to the Madhouse (Book One of the Grace Lord series) 
by S.E. Sasaki 

In space, medicine can be murder.

When Dr. Grace Lord accepted her 'dream job' offer aboard the Conglomerate's Premier Medical Space Station, little did she know her life would be on the line from her first step into the facility. 

Attacked by soldiers looking like animals, stalked by androids looking like humans, and harangued by a mentor with Megalomaniac Hyperactivity Disorder, she must quickly learn the ins and outs of working as an adaptation surgeon or she's fired. 

When a mysterious vessel docks at the medical station, crewless and filled only with oily puddles, heartbreak and death stalk the corridors. 

Can Grace and her colleagues find a cure for a pathogen that can wipe out all organic life, before the medical station is destroyed?

A layered debut that sings odes to the grandmasters of sci-fi ― Kirkus Reviews

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Science Fiction

ISBN: 978-1460273753

The Demon Girl's Song
by Susan Jane Bigelow 

She wanted adventure. She got a demon and a dying world.

More than anything, Andín dal Rovi wants to escape her small town life, helping her father in the store, watching her younger brother prepare to take the place at university she’d longed for.

Instead of escape, she gets a thousand-year-old demon stuck in her head, and she loses everything – her home, her family and her country.

In the quest to regain her identity, she finds herself racing against time to uncover the secrets of her world – and save it from utter annihilation.

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Science Fiction

ISBN: 978-1940924151

Relax Creatively ― Fabric Painting (Book One in the Fast & Easy Guide series) 
by Margot Krekeler

Relax Creatively allows you to easily relax and focus your mind, experiment with your creativity, produce your own fashion designs and share fun and quality time with your kids.

"Part One: Practicing fabric painting" is a practical introduction to fabric painting. You work on some example projects so you actively get to know the fabric-painting techniques. 

In "Part Two: The components of fabric painting", you get the basic information about the main components of fabric painting.

Relax creatively and have fun!

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Crafts & Hobbies


Build your own Computer: an illustrated step-by-step practical guide to planning and building a modern personal computer
by Hugh Pittman 

Build your own Computer (3rd Edition) provides a practical guide to building a modern personal computer hardware system. It is written by a long-time Information Technology teacher and certified A+ Microcomputer Technician.

It is intended for people with limited knowledge of computers and therefore complex technical concepts are carefully explained throughout the text. A glindex of Information Technology terms is also provided. For these reasons, Information Technology teachers may find it to be a useful reference for their junior students.

The instructions and advice provided in this book relate to PCs that run on Windows or Linux-based operating systems. The strategy promoted in this book is to build a system that meets the builder's current needs — while also providing enough flexibility to meet their future needs.

Detailed instructions and advice are provided for every step ― from selecting individual components to testing and troubleshooting the whole system. These instructions are supported with more than one hundred photos.

Honors: Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Computer Science

ISBN: 978-0994221339
Kobee Manatee: Shipwreck Sea Friends 
by Robert Scott Thayer  

Kobee and his ocean pals are full of fun, adventure, and inspiration. They give the reader a better sense of the magic and mystery within our ocean world. 

Following them onto the historic wreck dive of the SS Antonio López off Puerto Rico, we learn all sorts of fascinating facts about wildlife and dangers, all while being entranced by the camaraderie of these fast friends. 

Even if one never gets a chance to ‘peek below the blue veneer’ of our planet, the adventures of Kobee and his aquatic mates are sure to make anyone appreciate how precious life is below the waves.

Creative blending of real-life oceanography and gentle fantasy in a smart and entertaining series — Kirkus Reviews

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Children's Book

ISBN: 978-0997123937
In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
The Perfect Husband (Book One of the Sydney Harbour Hospital series) 
by Chris Taylor

Midwife Isobel Donnelly is trapped in a violent marriage with nowhere to turn. Her husband has threatened to kill her and the kids if she ever dares to leave. In public, they’re the perfect couple, but inside, she’s slowly dying.

Mason Alexander has relocated to the city to take up his dream job as a pediatric doctor at the prestigious Sydney Harbour Hospital. Recovering from a failed marriage, he’s determined to put the change of scene to good use. The distractions and demands of his new job are just what he needs to get his life back on track.

Then he runs into Isobel Donnelly and his world is once again turned upside down. He’s loved her since they were children. She’s the reason his marriage failed. But Isobel’s still married to his nemesis: the incomparable Nigel Donnelly. From all accounts, the two of them are still blissfully in love...

Honors: 2013 RWA Golden Heart Finalist; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Mystery

ISBN: 978-1925119244

Absolution (Book One of the Awakening series)
by Ashley Lucero 

For 17-year-old Alex Constance, high school has had its hardships. With her parents’ divorce, her brother leaving for the Marines, and not fitting in with the popular crowd at school, Alex thought her life couldn’t get any more difficult than it already was. That is, until her entire world is turned upside down when she sees a man in black and no one else does. A whole new world of weird has been added to her life. 

Nathaniel, a dangerous man with many secrets, may be her only hope to save her life. Caught in the middle of an on-going war between fallen angels and angels, Alex begins to learn the truth about herself and her unique family; but will it be enough to save her life or will she become her biggest fear yet? One thing is certain. Alex will not be given a choice, and she may still end up in a psychiatric ward or a body bag.

A fast-paced, goose-bump inducing, thrilling read — Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0997201680

Death on Lake Michigan 
by Steven Arnett

Death on Lake Michigan is a mystery set in a glamorous town on the shore of Lake Michigan in the summer of ’73. Mike O’Brien, once the crusading editor of the Michigan State News, now the assistant editor of the Gull Haven Observer, becomes obsessed with solving the murder of Rich Mallon, one of the most notorious and well-known summer citizens of Gull Haven — and finds love in the process.

Everything you’d want in a noir detective — Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Mystery 


Heal Your Brain: Heal Your Body: How EMDR Therapy Can Heal Your Body by Healing Your Brain (Book Two in the Clinical Strategies in Psychotherapy series) 
by Esly Regina Carvalho 

This book shows how EMDR therapy can alleviate pain related to somatic issues, medical procedures, surgeries, high-risk diagnoses and living with chronic illnesses. In these case studies you will find how pain often has a traumatic origin, something that EMDR therapy is especially effective in healing. It includes stories about pain relief from physical problems, including phantom limb pain; migraines; the consequences of surgery; antidotes and emotional medicine. 

Besides the illustrations from the clients themselves, there are complete transcriptions from therapy sessions. Hopefully these clinical strategy suggestions will point the way towards relief for those who suffer.

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Health

ISBN: 978-1941727317
Mind Maps for Effective Project Management 
by  Maneesh Dutt

Mind Maps introduces a new, light and engaging way to manage projects. 

Given the high rate of failure of projects across industries, the author presents a paradigm shift in the approach to managing projects better, using mind maps. 

The book showcases the immense potential for mind mapping across any project life cycle.

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Management

ISBN: 978-9352060443
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