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Below are this week's recommendations of our indie & small-press books.
LibraryBub Books June 1
The Perfect Husband (Book 1 of the Sydney Harbour Hospital series) 
by Chris Taylor

Midwife Isobel Donnelly is trapped in a violent marriage with nowhere to turn. Her husband has threatened to kill her and the kids if she ever dares to leave. In public, they’re the perfect couple, but inside, she’s slowly dying.

Mason Alexander has relocated to the city to take up his dream job as a pediatric doctor at the prestigious Sydney Harbour Hospital. Recovering from a failed marriage, he’s determined to put the change of scene to good use. The distractions and demands of his new job are just what he needs to get his life back on track.

Then he runs into Isobel Donnelly and his world is once again turned upside down. He’s loved her since they were children. She’s the reason his marriage failed. But Isobel’s still married to his nemesis: the incomparable Nigel Donnelly. From all accounts, the two of them are still blissfully in love...

Honors: 2013 RWA Golden Heart Finalist; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Mystery

ISBN: 978-1925119244

Absolution (The Awakening)
by Ashley Lucero 

For 17 year old Alex Constance, high school has had its hardships. With her parents’ divorce, her brother leaving for the Marines, and not fitting in with the popular crowd at school, Alex thought her life couldn’t get any more difficult than it already was. That is, until her entire world is turned upside down when she sees a man in black and no one else does. A whole new world of weird has been added to her life. 

Nathaniel, a dangerous man with many secrets, may be her only hope to save her life. Caught in the middle of an on-going war between fallen angels and angels, Alex begins to learn the truth about herself and her unique family; but will it be enough to save her life or will she become her biggest fear yet? One thing is certain. Alex will not be given a choice, and she may still end up in a psychiatric ward or a body bag.

A fast-paced, goose-bump inducing, thrilling read. — Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0997201680

Death on Lake Michigan 
by Steven Arnett

Death on Lake Michigan is a mystery set in a glamorous town on the shore of Lake Michigan in the summer of ’73. Mike O’Brien, once the crusading editor of the Michigan State News, now the assistant editor of the Gull Haven Observer, becomes obsessed with solving the murder of Rich Mallon, one of the most notorious and well-known summer citizens of Gull Haven — and finds love in the process.

Everything you’d want in a noir detective. — Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars; seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Mystery 


Heal Your Brain: Heal Your Body: How EMDR Therapy Can Heal Your Body by Healing Your Brain (Book 2 in the Clinical Strategies in Psychotherapy series) 
by Esly Regina Carvalho 

This book shows how EMDR therapy can alleviate pain related to somatic issues, medical procedures, surgeries, high-risk diagnoses and living with chronic illnesses. In these case studies you will find how pain often has a traumatic origin, something that EMDR therapy is especially effective in healing. It includes stories about pain relief from physical problems, including phantom limb pain; migraines; the consequences of surgery; antidotes and emotional medicine. 

Besides the illustrations from the clients themselves, there are complete transcriptions from therapy sessions. Hopefully these clinical strategy suggestions will point the way towards relief for those who suffer.

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Health

ISBN: 978-1941727317
Mind Maps for Effective Project Management 
by  Maneesh Dutt

Mind Maps introduces a new, light and engaging way to manage projects. 

Given the high rate of failure of projects across industries, the author presents a paradigm shift in the approach to managing projects better, using mind maps. 

The book showcases the immense potential for mind mapping across any project life cycle.

Honors: seen on ABC and Fox

Category: Management

ISBN: 978-9352060443
In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
At Water's Edge: An Epic Fantasy (Book 1 of the Water Rushes series) 
by S. McPherson 

What if there was another you, living in another world?

Seventeen year old, Dezaray Storm is blamed for the death of her parents, hated by her brother and secluded from her friends, but that doesn't stop her from believing in magic.

Visions of the future, mysterious cloaked figures and a handsome stranger with the ability to teleport, lead to Dezaray tumbling through a portal and into a world where she's mistaken for its most powerful sorceress and savior.

But in a twisted turn of events, the true sorceress ends up lost in our world, wandering the streets of England with a broken device and the whisper of forgotten magic to guide her. The realm of Coldivor is on the brink of war, its enemies grow restless and its shadows have eyes. Only the true sorceress can help tip the scales in their favor and the two girls must trade back before their 18th birthday when the war that could shatter both realities, will rage.

Odd creatures, warlocks and vampires, portals and teleporting create an entertaining not-of-this-world story. In page upon page the plot unfolds, the struggle escalates, and the action rises until its climactic end, leaving the reader holding their breath. ― Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars; seen on NBC, CBS and ABC

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0993360503
The Power of Prayer: A Heartbeats Novel   
by Lorana Hoopes 

Life doesn't always turn out as expected; sometimes it's even better. 

Callie Green thought she had her life perfectly planned out, but when her fiance leaves her at the altar, her world begins to crumble. 

When she meets JD, a man offering a love she has never known, she is too blind to see. After giving her life to God, Callie realizes JD is what she's been missing, but she has no way to find him. All she can do is pray and hope that God sends him back to her. 

The Power of Prayer is a powerful love story about choice, timing, and God's love.

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and ABC

Category: Christian Fiction

ISBN: 978-1539701088

Abbey's Search for Sanctuary
by Eris Field 

Turkish-American nurse Abbey shelters her younger sister when she divorces her Muslim husband after learning that he had agreed to his mother performing a circumcision on their baby girl, Jenny. When her sister is murdered by her ex-husband, Abbey knows she must find a way to keep Jenny safe.

Once a Peshmerga fighter and medic with the Kurdish forces fighting with the Americans in Iraq, Rami now works with refugees in Buffalo. Shunned by his grandfather and family for failing to demand retribution when his arranged marriage failed, Rami avoids emotional attachments. That is, until he meets Abbey.

Warning Abbey that honor killings are often family affairs and she and Jenny are in danger, Rami offers her a way out: a marriage of convenience and refuge in his homeland, Kurdistan.

Abbey is committed to doing anything to protect Jenny but can she face going back to the world of her childhood: a world of headscarves and submission, a world that scarred her mother and killed her sister, a world she escaped once?

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and ABC

Category: Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1682913338

A Witch's Kitchen 
by Dianna Sanchez

Millie's a witch, so why can't she do magic?

Despite her mother’s best efforts to teach her, every spell Millie tries goes horribly wrong, but she’s a fabulous cook. 

When Millie conjures chocolate sauce instead of a transformation potion, her mother gives up and sends her to the Enchanted Forest School, where she’s bullied by goblins, snubbed by an elf, and has her hat stolen. 

Even as Millie’s magical talent begins to develop, turning her house ghost into a frog and accidentally charming her entire class, Millie starts to wonder: what if she’s not a witch at all?

A great addition to any children's collection, this well-written fantasy will appeal to fans of Gail Carson Levine's Ella Enchanted and Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson" series. ― School Library Journal

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and ABC

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy


The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm: Illustrated Book
by Sybrina Durant 

The Tribe of the Metal Unicorns had hoped and prayed that the oracle’s prophecy that the last-born unicorn would save the tribe from the evil sorcerer, Magh, would come to pass. Now, seeing that Miral had delivered her foal, the tribe was aghast to discover that he had no metal horn, simply a blue hide horn without a glint of metal. 

The narrative is accompanied by glowing illustrations, filled with detail, brilliant colors and excitement.

An unusual and enchanting story about a young unicorn’s quest to save his tribe and his coming of age.  Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite Five Stars; seen on NBC, CBS and ABC

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1535127851

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