Subject: 10,000 librarians want YOUR book NOW (+ NBC, CBS & Fox)!

Librarians spend $1.22 billion on books every year. And that's in North America alone.

Wouldn't you like a piece of that?

According to Publisher's Weekly, authors who play it smart and are able to place their books in libraries will be able to find surprising success—both in expanded availability and greater awareness of their work. 

Here's what this surprising success can look like:
  • Imagine getting a SINGLE copy of your book in ONE library. That means your book can be checked out 200 times (before it falls apart from wear and tear). Every happy reader tells around 5 others about what they read. That's 1,200 enthusiasts of your work! Such is the power of libraries!
  • Now imagine one of those enthusiasts turns out to be a movie producer on the lookout for something – now your book is being considered for a motion picture production!
  • Imagine using the library channel as the start of your marketing funnel. By adding just one sentence at the beginning and end of your book you can send your readers to your website. There, you can capture their interest, turn them into subscribers and sell them more books!  
  • Imagine one of your readers being a foreign rights agent going through the newest arrivals at her library. She sees your book, finds it's just what she was looking for and starts working on selling your book to foreign publishers.
You see where I'm going with this? 

You never know WHO the next patron checking out YOUR book is! A movie producer? A foreign rights agent? An influential book blogger?

Now it's obvious that new authors NEED to be in libraries but why would best-selling authors with MILLIONS of books sold care so much? Let's hear them out:

The number one challenge any author has is building an audience. Once they have an audience, they have an opportunity to grow their work professionally. Librarians can be a powerful marketing force for emerging authors, especially if they can promote the books without fear of success.
Hugh Howey, best-selling self-published author with 2 million plus books sold.

Libraries are all about readers and writers connecting. Since so many of my new readers discover my books via their local libraries, it’s vital that all my books, whether traditionally published or self-published, be easily accessible to library patrons.
CJ Lyons, best-selling self-published author with 2 million plus books sold.

It's obvious librarians would include their books on the shelves...

...but how do we let librarians know about the existence of OUR books and have them placed next to those of Hugh Howey or CJ Lyons?

Enter LibraryBub. 

Connecting Indies with Libraries

This is where I can help. LibraryBub connects indie authors with libraries. Here's how it works:
  1. Every week I send out a curated newsletter featuring ten indie and small-press books to around 10,000 libraries.
  2. Librarians study the newsletter and order the books that catch their interest.
  3. You expand your world domination. 

Now, of course I can't promote just any book. There are some requirements to meet and librarians trust me that I will only send them books their patrons will love.

But as soon as you get on board, I will tell you exactly what to do if you need guidance.

Here's what featured authors are saying about LibraryBub:

Many thanks to LibraryBub to link my book, My Ladybird Story, to librarians who wouldn’t have heard of my book. Such exposure is a dream for most self-published authors like myself. This invaluable service is truly a godsend. Go try it for your book ASAP.
Magus Tor

Working with Library Bub was such a fun and easy experience. Getting into libraries is important to an author’s success so what Alinka is doing is invaluable. I was super happy with the results and would highly recommend this service.
Sarah Noffke

As an author, my partnership with LibraryBub has been a rewarding experience. Results were quick and productive. LibraryBub is an excellent investment. Thank you for your attention to my novel.
Connie Chappell

This was soooo easy, listed and poof, there it was! Promoted to tons of people. Love it and thank you so much!
Randi Goodman

Thanks for the exposure, Alinka. […] It was well worth the investment, far more effective than some of the other marketing approaches I’ve taken.
Bob Moseley

The professionalism and librarian outreach by LibraryBub has far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Alinka Rutkowska’s services! Money well spent!
Donna M. McDine

PenPower Book Marketing Services has worked with LibraryBub on at least 6 titles and authors we represent and we are very happy with the results. We could not have reached more librarians without the unique service LibraryBub offers. Alinka’s service has helped our authors gain momentum which inevitably leads to more visibility, interest and sales. We even experienced great click-thru results on Amazon! We know of no other way to reach so many libraries across the country. LibraryBub continues to be my go-to source to reach librarians! 
Jeanie C. Williams, Director, PenPower Book Marketing Services

Now it's your turn! 

Get Noticed by NBC, CBS and Fox

If your book makes it to the newsletter, I will also feature it in a press release with PR Newswire (the #1 global content distribution network).

Our recent press release was picked up by NBC, CBS and Fox and featured authors can now use the networks' logos in their marketing materials.

Imagine being able to showcase that your book was featured on NBC, CBS or Fox in every email you send out (and on your website, on your business cards, in your catalogs...)!

See logos below (click "display images" in your email settings if you can't see the image):
Fast-Mover Advantage

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Enjoy your piece of the $1.22 billion pie!

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To your success!
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