Subject: ✏ Yikes! We're 6 months in! Have you reached your 2017 author goals yet?

It's 2018 in 6 months! This means only one thing  half of 2017 has already flown by (duh! Right?).

So...have you achieved half of your 2017 author goals?  

When I first realized we're at the 6-month mark and I asked myself what I had achieved this far, my first answer was:

"Nothing" (in comparison to all my lofty goals).

Then I thought, hey, let's try to find something. So I started:

  • The 5-Figure Author Challenge was a resounding success — it created so much goodwill and delivered (and still delivers) exceptional value to participating authors;
  • Authors far and wide are reporting great results through using my methodology — so I started the Author Remake Blog where they share their precious insights and tricks of the trade with you;
  • LibraryBub partnered with PR Newswire (#1 content distribution network) so now all featured authors get news about their books displayed on hundreds of websites and delivered to journalists around the world;
  • I was invited as speaker to a record number of virtual summits and I was voted Top 5 Speaker and named Most Creative Book Marketer at Bestseller Summit Online, so now you can be certain that what I'm sharing with you works and has wide appeal :)
Wow! That sure felt good!

Now I want YOU to feel good about YOUR mid-year author goals.

  • Have you hit a specific word count that you're satisfied with?
  • Have you finally published that book?
  • Have you achieved #1 best-selling status?
Or maybe it's something more subtle that will help you get results by the end of the year?

  • Maybe you've set aside an hour a day just to write?
  • Maybe you've finally decided to learn book marketing and are taking specific steps to get it done?
  • Maybe you started calling yourself an author or an authorpreneur?
None of the above? Not feeling good yet?

Hmm... well, if that's the case then I recommend you take a look at the

I especially like #4 - that's exactly what I'm doing right now :)

I recommend you do it too!

To your success!


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