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It's a deep dive into users' sign-in methods, including the ultimate authentication method decision tree. If you are a product owner, head of product, or CTO, this ebook is for you!


The ebook is written by Piotr Mionskowski, a Head of Technology at Bright Inventions and a software engineer with over 12 years of professional experience in backend APIs, distributed systems, backend frameworks, and databases. He pays a lot of attention to writing secure, logical, safe, and efficient code.

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🟧 Which sign-in option is the best for your application (decision tree)?

🟧 What security aspects require consideration?

🟧 How is GDPR related to sign-in?

🟧 Should I build it myself or use off-the-shelf software?


Piotr Mionskowski

Head of Technology & Partner

Bright Inventions

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