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420 College aim's to provide the most up to date information on the ever-changing cannabis industries laws and regulations for cannabis businesses. We teach all over the U.S. with our corporate offices located in Pasadena, Fresno, Sacramento and San Diego. Since our start in 2009, we’ve been providing future and existing cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs with quality cannabis business training by the way of seminars, courses, workshops, conferences and classes in California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Washington D.C, and Ohio.
We have classes in Sacramento, Fresno, Pasadena and San Diego 100+ and growing. We are always looking for cannabis industry speakers of all sorts.

Local Professionals interested from Sacramento, Fresno, Pasadena or San Diego:



-Insurance Agents

-Cultivation Experts

-Testing labs

-anyone in the cannabis industry (hands on or ancillary business

Interested Speakers: Call us at (855) 420-8255
Our Seminar's are all over the United States!

1/21 & 1/22/2017 Sacramento, CA  

2/4 & 2/5/2017 Pasadena, CA 

2/18 & 2/19 Sacramento, CA

2/25 & 2/26/2017 West Palm Beach, FL 

3/4 & 3/5/2017 San Diego, CA

3/11 & 3/12/2017 Sacramento, CA 

3/18 & 3/19/2017 Portland, OR

4/1 & 4/2/2017 Pasadena, CA

4/22 & 4/23/2017 Miami, FL

5/6 & 5/7/2017 Sacramento, CA 

5/20 & 5/21/2017 Pasadena, CA 

6/3 & 6/4/2017 San Diego, CA
6/24 & 6/25/2017 Tampa, FL

7/15 & 7/16/2017 Sacramento, CA 

7/22 & 7/23/2017 Pasadena, CA 

8/12 & 8/13/2017  Jacksonville, FL 

Commercial Landlords

Looking to lease or sell your commercial property? As the cannabis industry continues to grow in California, our clients are always looking for commercial location's for Retail Store Font, Testing, Distribution, Manufacturing or any size cultivation site 10,000-60,000 sq ft.

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