Subject: ~How She Avoided Stroke AND Knocked Out Sugar Cravings!

She Saved Herself from Stroke AND Knocked Out Sugar Cravings!
She had no idea that she was on a fast track to premature
death...until she tested her blood sugar.

Penelope from San Francisco found herself on the fast track to diabetes AND potential stroke. She knew she had to act fast…or else face the consequences.  Her sugar was rising over time.

(Rising blood sugar is the universe saying "Get your sh*t together - Before worse things like a stroke happen.")

Whammy #1…Pre-Diabetic!

"I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and hypertensive," Penelope writes. "I didn't want to take drugs."

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. It's self inflicted and it can be self cured. 

That's a fact.

I'll dumb it down for you…Eat too much and your body can't process all the sugar.  It begins to break down, rather than live young.  You lose fat burning hormones and others...

Whammy #2…High Blood Pressure!

As if being pre-diabetic weren't bad enough…Penelope's blood pressure had also shot up to insanely high levels. Just like not having fat burning hormones, you also lose hormones that regulate blood pressure.

Excess fat and increasing blood pressure begin to attack the heart.

Without addressing the underlying cause of poor heart health, people play a dangerous gambling game with their tickers.

Luckily, there's a safe, effective solution for both high blood sugar AND high blood pressure…

Sugar Cravings…Squashed Forever!

"While researching, I found The People's Chemist," says Penelope. "I followed Shane's common sense principles, read his books and blog articles and listened to his CDs."

Yes!  Someone who reads.  

First order of business was for Penelope to tackle her high blood sugar. Rather than getting sucked into the deadly blood pressure medication trap…she sought out a NATURAL solution - tackle the cause rather than put a band-aid on the symptom.

"I started taking Cinnergy first and actually got my blood sugar down within a month," she writes. "My cravings for sugar were more controlled and after six months of taking it, I can easily turn down sweets, alcohol, and carbs that would spike my sugar."

Victory! If sugar is the poison that leads to diabetes…then Cinnergy is the "poison eraser."

I know what you're thinking. "He's just trying to sell his product."

You're right, I am. 
I've been selling Cinnergy to help people get off meds and become free of diabetes for over 10 years! I've seen it work tens of thousands of times. So obviously, I'm going to be hell-bent on selling it.

Plus, as Cinnergy lowers blood sugar, it also repairs years' worth of damage inflicted upon your body, due to eating sugary foods, artificial flavors and pharmafoods…but it only works if you actually use it! 

You have to actually TAKE Cinnergy to experience its blood sugar-lowering effects

Blood Pressure Returned to a Healthy Level!

In addition to Cinnergy, Penelope used Cardio FX to heal her arteries and control blood pressure.

"As for the Cardio FX, my blood pressure was originally 145/95," writes Penelope. "I knew the drugs that would have been recommended at my next doctor's visit. I didn't want to take them. So instead, I've been taking two capsules of Cardio FX a day for almost six months. At my last recent visit, my blood pressure was 120/80."

Another victory for Penelope!

You Only Get So Many "Wake-Up Calls" Before it's Too Late!

Penelope was lucky. She took matters into her own hands before it was too late.

Millions aren't so lucky. They procrastinate or make excuses…

Whether you've been diagnosed as pre-diabetic or simply want to curb your sugar cravings, try Cinnergy. It's like adding "adult supervision" to the wild kids at the candy store, so they don't go crazy. It forces your body to stop craving sugar.

Whether you're at risk of having a stroke or simply want to protect your heart from all cardiovascular threats, try Cardio FX. If a healthy, functioning heart is important to you, then Cardio FX is a must-have. Don't wait!

Penelope could have waited, but she decided enough was enough.

"Shane offered me alternatives to taking drugs and his site provided the education I needed to make the healthy changes," she writes. "I highly recommend giving his products a chance. Since it took time to develop health problems, it takes time to make changes in your body. It doesn't happen overnight. Thankfully, Shane's products gradually allows your body to heal and adapt."

Remember, you only get so many wake-up calls before it's too late!

Try Cinnergy or Cardio FX and see what a difference these natural health supplements can make in your life!
Dare to live young!

Shane Ellison, MS
The People's Chemist

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