Subject: disappointed.


Hi Friend,

I’m going to be straight with you in this

I’m disappointed.

I got you an invite to this.

Pretty much the biggest, most EXCLUSIVE
online event to happen in “making money”
this year.

… it took a lot of work and persuasion to
get you a seat.

And yet…

Some of you actually feel like you can miss
this event.


I mean yes, almost all my seats are gone.

But ‘almost gone’ isn’t good enough…

Let me lay it down for you… one more time.

Nowhere else EVER will you get to see:

A REAL super affiliate, George Brown,
show you exactly how he’s making over
$100,000 a month.

Step by step, from scratch, LIVE right in front
of your eyes.

You are literally almost going to be able to COPY
what he did right after the event.

It’s un-missable.

But what’s even more UNUSUAL…

Is that it isn’t using some boring system
we’ve all seen a million times.

This is COMPLETELY different.

(It’s not another boring ‘webinar’ either).

And he’ll do it all using one of the
most powerful pieces of software
ever created.

A piece of software you NEED to see.


And the FINAL point:

This event is NOT to the public. The
only way to watch this is to go here
and sign up right now.

Or you will NEVER see it.

I repeat: Never.

So to get your seat RIGHT NOW

(while they are still available)

And I’ll see you on this incredible live

Yes, I’m just as excited as everyone else
and will be right alongside you.

See you on there.

Simon Stepsys.

P.S. Do NOT mess around here.

Read this email again if you need to.

But make sure you don’t miss this, it
will happen with or without you.

And its only happening ONE TIME.

Get your seat on the live stream now.