Subject: Your Invited! (short notice open now)


Hi Friend,

Your invited to meet the Millionaires Mastermind Alliance for
an EmpowerNetwork Business Opportunity Presentation

"How to earn an automated income stream that makes money even while
you sleep"

Followed by a Fast Start Training on "how to earn at least
$1,000 (£700) per day, Part-Time.

You'll also be able to meet the Millionaires Mastermind Alliance, a team
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I will be in attendance from 7pm & would love to meet you there.


Wednesday 29th May 2013

Registration from 7pm for Prompt 7.30pm Start:

Waterside Hotel
1 Morning Side Drive
M20 5WZ
(Galleon Gym)

Presentation (approx 30 to 40 mins)

Followed by Fast Start Training (approx the same)

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I look forward to working meeting you tonight Friend

Any questions or help then you are most welcome to call/text/email/skype/IM
me at any time.

I'm here to help you Friend

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Be awesome

Be the best

Simon Stepsys

UK 07971 88 55 60
US 727-475-1287

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